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Woly Eraser and Stain Remover for Suede and Nubuck


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The suede and nubuck eraser by Woly gets rid of stubborn stains on your shoes.

The suede and nubuck eraser by Woly gets rid of stubborn stains to preserve the beauty of your shoes. Suede requires the same level of cleaning as smooth leather, but you simply need to use different tools to preserve its beauty. The suede eraser by the Woly brand has a mildly abrasive surface for cleaning and dislodging stubborn stains from the suede and it wears away slightly after each use as proof of effective cleaning. The edges of the eraser can also be used to clean larger surfaces. This suede eraser is particularly useful for the upkeep of suede shoes and boots as well as other suede articles including jackets and bags.

Use the Famaco suede eraser while cleaning suede to remove stubborn stains. Gently rub the surface until the stain is completely gone, and use a special suede brush with crepe or brass bristles to remove residue left by the suede eraser.

The small size of the Famaco suede eraser makes it a highly practical, must-have suede care product that you can carry along anywhere you go. Store the suede eraser in a cool, dry place.





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1 review(s) for this product

By Katy W.  on 03/10/2016
Wow - great eraser

Can't believe how well this worked on my filthy suede boots. Would recommend

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