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How to wear socks: A men’s guide to match your socks

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As most of men probably know, socks tell a little more about yourself.
Coloured or black, Lisle, linen, or wool, as you can tell, socks are definitely an accessory that you should never neglect. The simplest combination would clearly be matching your socks with your shoes and trousers, but we highly think that you can definitely do a lot better than that. Learn how to match your socks with Monsieur Chaussure.
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Black socks

The first rule is that there’s no rule. Well, not exactly. White socks are for example, only for sports. Period. Black socks on the other hand, are good daily basics, especially if you work in a formal environment.

Considered dull by some, they are however, a must-have of each man’s wardrobe. Other alternatives such as navy blue or grey are still sure values, and suit dark coloured attires elegantly.

Colorfull socks

For a lot of men, the most asked question is: which colour should I choose? If the colour of your socks tells a little more about your fashion sense and imagination, it can also boost your outfit and add a unique detail to it. You can for instance wear a black or a navy blue suit with bright blue, purple, or red socks to add a touch of colour to your outfit.

For materials, cotton is the most recommended fabric so far, particularly natural Lisle fibres that allow a better absorption of perspiration. Linen and wool are also materials that men appreciate a lot, wool for winter and linen for summer. You just need to choose which one will suit you the best.

What happen in the others countries ?

Unlike in France, socks represent a huge culture in Italy as well as in Great Britain. Socks are a big deal when it comes to connecting your shoes and trousers, and can create intense colour contrasts. You can definitely take risks and be more creative to experience a little more with colours. It’s all about taste.

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