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About us

Why Monsieur Chaussure ?

Monsieur Chaussure is above all a new way of looking at the world of shoe care.

Shoe care products are no longer something reserved for connoisseurs. They are being transformed into a simple, effective routine that is part of a global vision.

Shoe care becomes a ritual that is built up throughout your pairs. At Monsieur Chaussure we are convinced that taking care of your shoes and leather goods is a simple gesture to enjoy them longer. To preserve.

Our story.

Monsieur Chaussure was born from the passion of an entrepreneur who could not find quality products in shops or on the Web, or even real advice on boot and shoe care.

Charles Bellanné decided to unite shoemakers, shoemakers, and manufacturers to create Monsieur Chaussure, the first independent shoe care specialist. On his website, he brings together the best products on the market. He provides detailed advice in the video, the advice he would have liked to receive when he started. And to bring expertise to the connoisseurs to refine their knowledge of shoes, materials, and manufacturing.

Mister Shoe believes that this often inaccessible world should be open to all. And to accompany the leatherheads and beginners in the discovery of this world, he creates tutorials on the maintenance routine to follow to have impeccable shoes all year round. This is how his mission to demystify the world of shoe care was born. The mission that drives the development of its products is to meet the needs of these new consumers, who seek to repair rather than re-buy in all areas of their lives. With this in mind, the Monsieur Chaussure teams wanted to extend the world of care to leather goods and sneakers in order to keep up with consumer desires.

The development of Monsieur Chaussure products follows a quality rule established by the founder to ensure the best formulas, the most respectful of leathers, suedes, and all other materials. The products offered to customers are manufactured and tested in France in our partner factories. The advice is approved by professionals and the service of expert advisers in the field of footwear and leather goods remains available every day for any further information.

Our evolution.

Monsieur Chaussure is evolving alongside our 200,000 customers by encouraging re-purchasing rather than over-consumption. From shoe care to leather and suede care, Monsieur Chaussure is opening up to many sectors to support its customers in their everyday lives and offers innovative services.

A French player Monsieur Chaussure's teams have developed new ranges such as sneakers and leather goods. We started laboratory tests in mid-2019 to define new formulas that will be effective on the materials used for sneakers. We have reproduced the same process for the development of the materials used for leather goods.

The laboratories and manufacturers with whom we have been working on leather and suede products for years have naturally followed us in this research project and have thus been able to adapt, as we have, to a footwear market in full mutation.

The time it took to find the right formulas and to define a simple and effective care ritual, our range was launched 6 months later, at the end of 2019. We launched the range in September 2021 in the same spirit as all our other ranges.

The commitment of Monsieur Chaussure.

Since its creation, 10 years ago, Charles Bellanné, through Monsieur Chaussure, wants to demystify the world of shoe care. To make it accessible to all and easy to preserve your shoes and leather goods without effort.

This is why we are committed to establishing a new routine, a new pleasure. We have therefore created care kits associated with simple tutorials to create a new simple and effective habit. Routines without excess to make the world of shoe and leather goods care accessible.

All Monsieur Chaussure products are made in France in our partner factories. This is an important commitment for us because we are convinced that efficiency and pleasure can rhyme with sustainability and responsibility. We develop formulas with new ingredients that respect you, your skin, the leather, and the planet. We try to improve our products to reflect our mission.

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