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Economy Classic Boot Stretcher

M. Chaussure

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The classic boot stretcher is designed for all types of leather boots and helps avoid the appearance of creases around the ankle area.

This classic boot stretcher adapts to all types of leather boots and prevents the leather along the shaft from slumping, which in turn causes creasing. The two main parts are made of impeccably smooth plastic. The first part on the right imitates the shin bone while the second part on the left imitates the calf. This classic boot stretcher guarantees longer-lasting leather boots by keeping them in an upright poistion while not in use. They help prevent the creases that often form around the ankle area due to walking or wear and tear. These boot stretchers will keep your leather boots looking like new for longer.

Using the boot stretcher is very intuitive. To slide it into the boot, squeeze the two plastic sides together. The plastic arches connecting these two sides are flexible, yet strong enough to make the boot stretcher sufficiently compact for sliding right down to the sole of any size or shape of boot. The smooth plastic surface of the two sides allow the boot stretcher to slide easily down the shaft without clinging to the inner sole. Once you have slid the boot stretcher all the way down, simply release the pressure on the arches. The boot stretcher will immediately exert the correct amount of tension onto the leather to keep it in place and smoothen out any creases that may have formed. The leather will never be damaged by the boot stretcher but will, on the contrary, preserve its proper form. This model comes in simple and lightweight black plastic suitable for both men's and women's leather boots. To limit the appearance of creases, our boot maker recommends using a mocassin shoe tree in addition to the classic boot stretcher.

Available in pairs, these boot stretchers are lightweight, pratical for travelling and very easy to store.




Colour: Black

Material: 100% Plastic

Quantity sold: By the pair

Country of origin:

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