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Economy Automatic Boot Stretcher

Lightweight and practical tensioner with a handle for easy fitting to maintain the original shape of your footwear to smooth out the extra walking. Details

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How to use this product.

A handle makes it easy to put the straps into your boots in seconds.

To put them on, follow the steps explained:

- Use one hand to squeeze the handle to tighten the boot tightener and the other hand to thread the boots around the tightener.
- Adjust the boots with your free hand and release the handle to relax the turnbuckles.

The turnbuckles exert pressure to hold the parts in place and smooth out the parts to avoid unsightly creases especially around the ankle.

To perfect your footwear you can carry out regular maintenance with the video advice of our shoemakers.


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Economy Automatic Boot Stretcher.

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  • Shape : Boots
  • Category : Shoe Trees
  • Use : Shoe Care

Economy Automatic Boot Stretcher with a Plastic Handle

The automatic boot stretcher with a convenient handle is an easy and essential tool for preventing the creases that form on your leather boots when walking.

This automatic boot stretcher is suitable for all types of men's or women's boots. The handle makes it much easier and more natural to use. The boot stretcher stretches the leather to prevent the shaft from slumping, thus avoiding unsightly creases in the leather. The two main parts are made of smooth plastic for easy sliding into each boot shaft. One side is completely straight and imitates the shin bone, while the rounded edge on the other side imitates the calf. The boot stretcher significantly slows down the aging process and prevents creases by keeping your boots upright while not in use.

With one hand, simply turn the handle to tighten the boot stretcher and use your other hand to adjust the leather around the stretcher. Once the stretcher is tightened and the leather is in place, release the pressure on the handle so that the boot stretcher can return to its original size. This allows the leather to be stretched properly. The simple look of the plastic makes this boot stretcher a favourite for men and women alike. For the best leather care, our boot maker recommends using a mocassin shoe tree to smoothen out any creases caused by walking.

Sold in pairs, the boot stretchers are lightweight, durable and perfect for travelling. The handles are also designed for easy storage.
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