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Economy Boot and Ankle Boot Stretcher

One size fits all to fit boots and ankle boots perfectly to keep the original shape of the shoes. Sold in pairs and made in Europe. Details

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Easy to use and practical. The plastic used to create the tensioners is lightweight so that it is easily malleable and does not take up space in a suitcase.

It only takes a few steps to install: squeeze the two ends together to form a single block. Slip the lower, thinner part into your boots and then the upper part. You can release the bungee cords once you have reached the sole of your boot. Repeat the process with the second boot.

We recommend that you put on the bungee cords after each wearing of your boots or booties to avoid creasing and to maintain the original shape.

To complete this maintenance step, you can add moccasin shoe trees to your shoes before the stretchers to smooth the front of the shoe and prevent walking creases. If the walking creases are marked, you can maintain your shoes with Mister Shoe leather or suede products depending on the material.


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Economy Boot and Ankle Boot Stretcher.

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  • Shape : Boots
  • Category : Shoe Trees
  • Use : Shoe Care
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,245 g
  • Length : 28 cm
  • Width : 38 cm
  • Height : 9 cm

Boot and Ankle Boot Stretcher

The boot and ankle boot stretcher preserves the shape of ankle boots and prevents creases from forming on the leather.

The boot and ankle boot stretcher guarantees the longest possible life for men's or women's ankle boots. The straight side on the right imitates the shin bone while the curved side on the left imitates the calf. These stretchers preserve the shape of ankle boots while not in use and also prevent the creases from forming around the ankle area. They provide ideal maintenance, particularly for women's leather boots, by preventing the upper section from slumping, which in turn causes creasing. Available in very lightweight and simple plastic, this unisex model is perfect for both men's boots and women's ankle boots.

To use, simply squeeze the two plastic sides together in order to slide the stretcher down through the upper part of your ankle boot until it reaches the sole. Then, release the stretcher to create a perfect fit with the top of your ankle boots. The stretcher will exert the right amount of pressure needed to stretch the leather and prevent creasing. The stretcher can easily be inserted after wearing boots or ankle boots and is particularly useful for avoiding permanent crease marks caused by rainy weather. For more complete care of your ankle boots, our boot maker recommends using mocassin shoe trees in addition to the ankle boot stretchers.

Sold in pairs, these boot and ankle boot stretchers are small, lightweight, practical and will easily fit into your suitcase.
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