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Wooden Boot Jack

Varnished beechwood accessory ideal for removing your boots quickly and effortlessly. Product recommended by our workshop manager to preserve your boots from the marks of time. Made in Europe. Details

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One size fits all and compact to fit easily in your cupboards next to your boots. Suitable for people with back problems or difficulty bending down.

Easy to grip thanks to its rounded edges and its shape allows you to quickly remove your boots. Slip the heel of the boot into the U-shaped recess of the boot puller until the recessed part fits snugly around the heel. The rubber on the inside will hold the boot in place without damaging it. Then place your second foot on the flat skate. By placing your foot on the flat pad, you create a counterbalance that allows you to pull your leg up from the boot without bending down. Repeat with your second foot to remove your boots.

To keep your boot in good condition after removing your shoes, use boot stretchers and moccasin trees to maintain the shape. You can also perform regular maintenance to reduce unsightly walking creases.

Maintenance tip: Clean your boot puller regularly with a cloth dampened with warm water or with a wood cleaner.


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Wooden Boot Jack.

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  • Use : Standing
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,337 g
  • Length : 33,5 cm
  • Width : 12 cm
  • Height : 6,5 cm

Boot Jack in Varnished Beech for Removing your Boots and Shoes

The wooden boot jack is perfect for taking off your boots quickly and effortlessly.

This sturdy and lightweight accessory will become a must for taking off those stubborn boots while standing up. With this boot jack you can take off your boots very quickly without using your hands and you'll no longer need to bend over. It can be used by anyone, and is particularly suited to persons with reduced mobility. It can also prevent back pain. With its varnished wood finish and rounded edges, the boot jack is easy to handle, sturdy, leightweight and resistant to water, dirt and impact.

The boot jack fits snugly around the heel of any boot, allowing you to comfortably withdraw your foot. To use, simply slide your boot heel into the U-shaped mouth of the boot jack until the heel is gripped. The rubber lining holds firmly to any boot without leaving marks or damaging the polish. Then, place your other foot onto the flat trapezium-shaped surface on the opposite end as a counterweight to keep the boot jack on the ground without using your hands or getting yourself dirty. This boot jack is anti-skid guaranteed to ensure that it stays firmly in place. Pull your leg out of the boot in an upward direction to easily slide your heel out of the boot.

The boot jack's compact size makes it easy to store and thanks to its durability, using your boot jack will become a daily reflex when you walk through the door. This boot jack can be used indoors and outdoors. Varnished beechwood is very robust and is made to withstand repeated washing. To wash, use a soft cloth soaked in warm soapy water or a wood cleaner.
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