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Classic Boot Stretcher

Essential for maintaining your boots in addition to the Monsieur Chaussure product range to prevent premature wear. Made of solid black plastic. Details

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How to use this product.

Made in Europe: one size fits all and made entirely of very rigid plastic to fit all boots.

The hook allows you to hang them in your wardrobe while you wear your boots. Fits into your boots in a few key steps to keep them in shape. Bring the two rigid parts of the stretchers together gently until you feel pressure. Slide in while holding the stretchers together in your boots. When you touch the bottom of your boot, release both parts. Your boot should straighten and tighten under the action of the turnbuckles. Adjust the position if necessary to ensure that all parts are smooth.

To extend the fit, you can add moccasin shoe trees to the toe of the boot before the turnbuckles to reduce walking creases in the front.


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Classic Boot Stretcher.

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  • Shape : Boots
  • Category : Shoe Trees
  • Use : Shoe Care

Classic Boot Stretcher made of Strong Plastic for Stiff Leather

The classic boot stretcher made of extremely strong plastic is a must have from the Monsieur Chaussure product line. It prevents creases from forming on leather boots of any kind, including those made of thick leather.

These boot stretchers are made of very solid plastic that is ideal for preventing the appearance of creases in both men's and women's thick leather boots. This particular plastic boot stretcher has a double arch and a high level of tonicity for restoring the natural beauty of your boots by minimising the appearance of creases that may have already formed. The plastic on each of the two main parts is of superior quality and has grooves that allow the boot stretcher to maintain the right amount of tension on the leather shaft. The first side imitates the shin bone while the second side imitates the calf. The addition of a hook at the top of the boot stretcher uses gravity to achieve the best level of tension on the leather, thus limiting any creasing around the ankle area.

The double hoops on the lower section makes these boot stretchers very easy to use. By simply squeezing the two sides, you can slide the stretchers into any pair of leather boots. The front and back sections which imitate the shinbone and calf muscle respectively, are designed to stretch the leather and constitute a preventive measure against creasing while your boots are not being worn. Once the boot stretcher has been placed into the boot, release the pressure on both sides to allow it to firmly stretch the leather.

Sold in pairs, these boot stretchers come with a convenient hook on the top for easy storage within any wardrobe.
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