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Monsieur Chaussure White Welt Brush


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Monsieur Chaussure White Welt Brush

M. Chaussure

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The welt brush by Monsieur Chaussure is made with white pig hair bristles for dusting and hydrating the wax stitching of your shoes.

The white welt brush by Monsieur Chaussure is a must-have tool for cleaning and nourishing the hard-to-reach areas such as the wax stitching on a pair of Goodyear shoes. This welt brush has been designed exclusively with high-quality materials as well as hand-crafting expertise. Firstly, the handle is made of varnished beechwood which is strong and long-lasting. Secondly, the bristles are made of pig hair bristles  which is flexible and won’t scratch the shoe leather. The small head of the welt brush helps you to apply your product to very precise areas of the shoe, such as the eyelets or brogue perforations. A matte black “Monsieur Chaussure” inscription is also added to the back of the brush handle for a touch of elegance that is sure to please those who love fine shoes. The shoe welt refers to the area which binds the sole to the upper. It is important to use dubbin on the welt in order to nourish the wax stitching and to prevent it from drying out and breaking.

The welt brush can be used for dusting the hard-to-reach areas of the shoe such as the eyelets or brogue perforations. However, this job can also be carried out with a shoe cleaning brush. We therefore recommend using your welt brush only for the shoe welt area as it is specially designed for applying creams and dubbin to nourish the wax stitching. Dubbin should only be applied to the stiff shoe welt area. If applied to the rest of the shoe, it could cause excessive softening of the leather. The brush’s design is perfect for the applying creams and dubbin to nourish the fragile areas of your shoes.

Maintenance: brush the brushes together to clean them without using any cleaning product or water.





Packaging material: Beechwood and white horsehair

Country of origin: France

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By Ian W.  on 09/16/2018
White Welt Brush

Fantastic brush gets into those awkward stitched areas

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