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Black Shoe Cleaning Brush

Made of synthetic material to start cleaning your leather or suede shoes. Its bristles remove dust without damaging the material. Necessary accessory to maintain your shoes properly. Details

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How to use this product.

Suitable for daily use, it allows you to dust your leather or suede shoes. Do not neglect this step before starting to maintain your shoes or boots.

Remove accumulated dust and dirt before cleaning your shoes with Monsieur Chaussure's cleaning milk, or dusting lightly in between maintenance. Grab your scrub brush and vigorously scrub your leather, focusing on the seam of your shoe, the tongue and the laces. These are the areas most likely to collect dust. If you are dusting a pair of suede shoes in the opposite direction of the pile to clean your shoe.

To keep your brushes longer, we advise you to brush them together without adding any cleaning product or water.


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Black Shoe Cleaning Brush.

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  • Shape : Cleaning Brush
  • Category : Shoe Brushes
  • Use : Cleaning
  • Weight : 0,110 g
  • Length : 18 cm
  • Width : 4,8 cm
  • Height : 3,4 cm

Black Beechwood Shoe Cleaning Brush for Shoes and Boots

The shoe cleaning brush with black synthetic hair removes the dust from any type of leather shoes in preparation for further care.

The shoe cleaning brush with black synthetic hair and polished beechwood is a must-have for your shoe care. The flexible, synthetic hair requires a vigorous rubbing action to remove the dust from your shoes and won't damage even your most delicate leather or suede. The black colour of the bristles gives this brush a cleaner look and adds a touch of elegance. The large size of this shoe cleaning brush makes it perfect for removing dust from large surfaces of your boots or flat shoes. Designed with rounded edges to ensure precision, the shoe cleaning brush is also excellent for cleaning very precise areas such as the eyelets, brogue perforations and welt stitching along the sole.

The shoe cleaning brush is ideal for daily use whenever you want to remove the dust from your shoes or dislodge small stones wedged into the sole. It will make your shoes look like new again. At the beginning of the leather care process, the shoe cleaning brush performs the necessary work of removing dust and preparing the leather before you move on to the polishing phase. This is an indispensable part of leather care since the shoe cleaning brush starts by cleaning the shoes and preparing them for the lotions and polishing creams to follow. We therefore recommend that you always use your shoe cleaning brush as a first step in caring for shoes in order to free the leather's pores and preserve its beauty.

Maintenance: brush the brushes together to clean them without using any cleaning product or water.
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