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Made in France

Cleaner for copper, brass and bronze

An essential product for the non-abrasive cleaning, protection and polishing of your everyday copper, brass and bronze items. This odourless, water-repellent treatment restores the original lustre and ensures a long-lasting shine. Details

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How to use this product.

The Avel copper, brass and bronze cleaner does not make your hands dirty.

This Avel copper brass bronze cleaner is easy to use and effective on objects that have oxidised little over time. Its 250ml capacity means it can be used for a wide range of cleaning jobs.

Whether you want to clean a copper, brass or bronze object, the procedure is similar.

Place a dab of Avel copper brass bronze cleaner on a clean chamois cloth. Gently rub your object. You can make several passes to obtain a completely clean object. Remove the excess product with a clean, dry chamois cloth. Your object will be as good as new.

It does not need time to dry before use.

To prolong cleaning, you can use a protective varnish.


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Cleaner for copper, brass and bronze.

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  • Volume : 250 ml
  • Use : Cleaner
  • Weight : 0,350 g
  • Length : 6,5 cm
  • Width : 3 cm
  • Height : 17,3 cm
  • Collection : Metals

Copper, brass and bronze cleaner for all everyday objects

Avel Cuir, Laiton, Bronze is the ideal choice for collectors, antique enthusiasts and owners of decorative metal objects. Copper, Brass and Bronze Cleaner can be applied to brass musical instruments, copper kitchen utensils, bronze sculptures and other precious objects. It's the ideal product for cleaning and restoring the shine and natural beauty of your copper, brass and bronze objects.

Copper, brass and bronze cleaner makes restoration effortless. It gives your metal objects a new lease of life. This innovative product has been specially designed to clean, protect and shine your copper, brass and bronze items, all without tedious rubbing. Simply rub the product over the surface of the object to restore its original appearance. Thanks to its special formula, you can restore your objects to their former glory in the blink of an eye, without damaging or scratching them.

This water-repellent treatment guarantees immediate shine, as well as lasting protection against oxidation, corrosion and damp. Your precious brass, copper and bronze objects will keep their shine for a long time to come.
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