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Saphir Amiral Gloss Neutral Shoe Polish Paste

Colourless paste for glazing all your smooth city leather shoes. Tested and approved in Monsieur Chaussure's workshops. Details

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How to use this product.

Rich in beeswax, the gloss paste has a double function: it nourishes and shines your shoes. The colourless version allows you to modulate the intensity of the glaze and adapts perfectly to all the colours of your city shoes.
To be used only on washed and nourished leather. Cleaned with a Monsieur Chaussure scraper, the passage of a cleaning milk rich in carnauba wax over the entire shoe. Nourished with a highly pigmented Monsieur Chaussure shoe polish cream to complete the care. To apply the paste you must mix it with a little water and apply it to the toe of the shoe, rubbing vigorously to activate the shine. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to obtain the desired glaze intensity.
This product can be stored in a room protected from heat and humidity.


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Saphir Amiral Gloss Neutral Shoe Polish Paste.

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  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Leathers
  • Type : Jar
  • Volume : 50 ml
  • Use : Glaze
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,60 g
  • Length : 7,4 cm
  • Width : 7,4 cm
  • Height : 2,5 cm

Saphir Amiral Gloss Neutral Shoe Polish Paste

The neutral polish paste Amiral Gloss by Saphir produces a mirror finish on the ends.

The deluxe neutral polish paste Amiral Gloss by Saphir helps you create a mirror finish on your leather shoes. Its oily texture makes it easy to apply when you want to produce that high-gloss shine on the ends of your shoes. The polish paste Amiral Gloss by Saphir contains higher concentrations of beeswax making it a perfect choice for giving a radiant shine on any smooth leather item while creating a waterproof barrier to protect the leather against impact damage and dirt. The Saphir Amiral Gloss polish paste is an everyday favourite among Monsieur Chaussure’s shoe care experts for glossing leather shoes. The neutral colour is designed to suit any pair of smooth leather shoes, no matter the colour.

Use the Saphir Amiral Gloss polish paste only on leather that has been cleaned and treated with a shoe cream. Never apply the polish paste to unclean and untreated leather as it contains no nourishing elements and could damage the leather. With this highly recommended product, a cotton polishing cloth and a bit of water are all you need to get that mirror finish on the extremities of your shoes.

Store your Saphir Amiral Gloss polish paste in a cool, dry place and make sure to close the tin properly in order to prevent the polish from drying out.
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