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Sebago France

Discover the origins of the partnership between Sebago France and Monsieur Chaussure.
After several months of discussions, Monsieur Chaussure and Sebago France are pleased to announce their collaboration on the repair of the legendary "Docksides" boat shoe.
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Le début d’une nouvelle ère pour les Docksides

Sebago has always been committed to the responsible and sustainable production of quality footwear.
Driven by loyal customers who are increasingly demanding about the durability of its Docksides, Sebago France has decided to increase the lifespan of its boat shoes. To increase their lifespan, the soles of the shoes are repaired in the same way over and over again.

Eight decades after its creation, Sebago is continuing to make history with its legendary shoe, which is 40 years old but respects new environmental issues.

In order to offer an identical repair service to its customers without having a workshop in France, Sebago had to join forces with a partner capable of offering such a service throughout the country and guaranteeing the brand faithful monitoring of the procedures for fitting a Sebago sole.

With more than 200,000 pairs saved since its creation, a prestigious fleet of machines and a workshop team passionate about this mission, the Monsieur Chaussure teams provide the guarantees demanded by Sebago.

After a series of tests, validated by the Sebago team, the Monsieur Chaussure teams were able to create a new exclusive shoe repair service. Monsieur Chaussure now has the original Docksides soles supplied by Sebago.

This is how the collaboration between the two brands came about.

La réparation à l’identique et à l’infini

The identical rubber Docksides resurfacing offered by Monsieur Chaussure was validated by the Sebago teams during a visit to the workshop.

This shoe repair service doubles the lifespan of your Sebago boat shoes. The new sole has exactly the same properties as the original. In fact, it comes directly from the Sebago manufacturing plant. They are therefore subject to the same specifications. As a result, the robustness and grip properties of the soles are retained.

Your resoiling is therefore completely identical.

As well as considerably extending the life of your shoes, the original soles help to preserve the legendary style. You give your shoes a second life without compromising their original style.

Discover the first exclusive Sebago Docksides resole service available anywhere in France for €49.

Docksides repair


If you would like to find out more about this partnership, please contact our team using our online form:

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