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All-in-One Suede Brush

The trio of care brushes for suede, nubuck and suede in one brush. Monsieur Chaussure appreciates the ingenuity of this system, which is very practical for all your travels. Details
9 25 reviews

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How to use this product.

The brush is very easy to use and resides as per its appearance in three steps. Start by using its first nylon and brass side.

For gentle cleaning, prefer nylon and reserve brass for more intense cleaning. The second side in crepe makes it possible to delustre the hair of the suede, not leaving it flat and to clean more effectively encrusted stains. The third side is an eraser to use on surface stains, use the edge of it to cover a larger area of the suede.

The eraser allows you to gently sand most of the suede.

You can combine this brush with our Monsieur Chaussure suede cleaning spray to obtain optimal cleaning and results.

25 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 25 reviews from verified buyers.

Rose B. Verified buyer MONTMACHOUX, May 09 2024
very convenient

small footprint good results

Noel S. Verified buyer Saint-Etienne, Jan 07 2024
Space saving

The product is compact and super practical. No need to worry anymore!

Josef P. Verified buyer Budapest, Nov 29 2023
Josef P.

Great product. With a very helpful user's manual from Monsieur Chaussure which helped a lot in reviving my boots !

Amir M. Verified buyer Borehamwood, Sep 09 2023

I recently found myself in a bit of a shoe crisis when I realized I had improperly cleaned my Todds, leaving the suede and nubuck in a less than ideal state. I thought I'd ruined them for good. After much research and considering sending my shoes to a repair specialist, I stumbled upon Mr Chaussure's website. What struck me immediately was not just the premium quality of their products, but also the detailed instructions and explanations on how to properly use them. I decided to take the plunge and make a purchase. When the items arrived, I followed the guidelines closely and was absolutely blown away by the results. My Todds were restored to their original color and texture—it was like magic. The service from Mr Chaussure was impeccable, and the quality of their products exceeded all expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend both the specific item I purchased and the company overall. They saved me a trip to a specialist and helped restore my Todds to their former glory. 100% recommend

MICHELE B. Verified buyer Cuverville, Apr 10 2023


Arthur C. Verified buyer Savigné-sur-Lathan, Feb 21 2023
Useful and small


OTELLO S. Verified buyer La Spezia , Nov 03 2022
superb brush thank you very much

very useful

Mathieu E. Verified buyer Feldbach, Jul 19 2022

For a complete interview... I recommend...

Marc L. Verified buyer Avranches, Apr 26 2022
Great deal

Slight difficulty in using the mixed brass-nylon brush, the direction of brushing changes. Rest for the rest.

Hugo G. Verified buyer Vitry-sur-Seine , Apr 09 2022
Perfect for small budgets

Exactly what I needed

Pascal R. Verified buyer SAINT MARTIN D URIAGE, May 14 2021


Isabelle E. Verified buyer Brest, Oct 22 2020

Effective and practical!

Florian R. Verified buyer colombes, Nov 12 2019
very good product

very practical and quite large

Romain C. Verified buyer DOMLOUP, Jan 28 2019
suede brush

Good value for money

Nicole G. Verified buyer bischwiller, Jul 17 2018

the product that was missing from my shoes.

Didier V. Verified buyer Nîmes, Apr 15 2018
useful for oily leather

except the useless eraser?

Pauline F. Verified buyer St-Vite, Mar 30 2017
Essential accessory

More than a 3 in one brush, it's the one to have everywhere when you go on vacation or on a weekend. Allows us to give a new look to our suede and nubuck shoes. Slips easily into a bag and makes people happy.

Franck J. Verified buyer MARSEILLE, Jan 06 2017

Perfect for giving a boost to my suede shoes.

VERONIQUE B. Verified buyer ORGEVAL, Oct 21 2015
brush 3.1 for suede

Well seen. You can take it anywhere

Olivier A. Verified buyer SAINTES, Jun 14 2015
Economical and effective brush

Personally I don't find the handling to be particularly difficult. The brush really exudes solidity, I'm waiting to see how it will age but I'm not too worried.

Arnaud R. Verified buyer Roppenheim, Mar 09 2015
Practical !

3/1! Ideal for daily and occasional maintenance! I recommend !

Hary R. Verified buyer LA MONTAGNE, Oct 14 2014

Nothing to say, it's all in the title. Highly recommended for cleaning nubuck leather. Satisfied with my purchase.

Lise T. Verified buyer GRENOBLE, Sep 29 2014
Excellent and efficient

Very effective brush for cleaning and maintaining nubuck shoes. The 3 in 1 is a great idea, all the essential brushes for regular and quick maintenance.

Emmanuele B. Verified buyer Rognes, Sep 16 2013

Difficult to handle

Quentin M. Verified buyer Jun 18 2013
Convenient on the go

When I travel, I take this brush which does not take up space and allows me to care for my suede shoes before my appointments.


Find all the details for the product:

All-in-One Suede Brush.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Shape : Universal Brush
  • Category : Shoe Brushes
  • Use : All Uses
  • Weight : 0,75 g
  • Length : 6,7 cm
  • Width : 2,6 cm
  • Height : 7,5 cm

All-in-One Brush for Cleaning and Restoring Suede

The all-in-one triangular brush is used for suede, nubuck and calfskin care.

This all-in-one triangular brush has everything you need for restoring the natural beauty of your suede. Its hard, strong plastic and compact size makes it very easy to carry along with you anywhere.

Use the brass and nylon side first to gently clean the suede. The firm yet relatively flexible bristles of the nylon are perfect for delicate cleaning. The brass bristles are reserved for more intensive cleaning and for removing stains from the suede. The clear separation beween the nylon and brass bristles allows for real brush control and gives you the freedom to choose the degree of pressure to be applied to the suede. The second side with crepe rubber provides more effective cleaning for stubbon, large stains. The crepe also delustres the suede's fibres to prevent them from staying flat. Finally, the eraser located on the third side is used for removing surface stains. We recommend using the edge of the eraser in order to cover a larger surface of the suede. The eraser lets you smoothen the creases of the suede to eliminate any small surface stains.

This very practical and strong brush provides you with all types of suede care brushes in one single tool that you can use anytime, anywhere. It can easily be stored anywhere and is perfect to carry along when travelling.

Maintenance: brush the brushes together to clean them without using any cleaning product or water.
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