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All-in-One Suede Brush

The trio of care brushes for suede, nubuck and suede in one brush. Monsieur Chaussure appreciates the ingenuity of this system, which is very practical for all your travels. Details

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How to use this product.

The brush is very easy to use and resides as per its appearance in three steps. Start by using its first nylon and brass side.

For gentle cleaning, prefer nylon and reserve brass for more intense cleaning. The second side in crepe makes it possible to delustre the hair of the suede, not leaving it flat and to clean more effectively encrusted stains. The third side is an eraser to use on surface stains, use the edge of it to cover a larger area of the suede.

The eraser allows you to gently sand most of the suede.

You can combine this brush with our Monsieur Chaussure suede cleaning spray to obtain optimal cleaning and results.


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All-in-One Suede Brush.

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  • Shape : Universal Brush
  • Category : Shoe Brushes
  • Use : All Uses

All-in-One Brush for Cleaning and Restoring Suede

The all-in-one triangular brush is used for suede, nubuck and calfskin care.

This all-in-one triangular brush has everything you need for restoring the natural beauty of your suede. Its hard, strong plastic and compact size makes it very easy to carry along with you anywhere.

Use the brass and nylon side first to gently clean the suede. The firm yet relatively flexible bristles of the nylon are perfect for delicate cleaning. The brass bristles are reserved for more intensive cleaning and for removing stains from the suede. The clear separation beween the nylon and brass bristles allows for real brush control and gives you the freedom to choose the degree of pressure to be applied to the suede. The second side with crepe rubber provides more effective cleaning for stubbon, large stains. The crepe also delustres the suede's fibres to prevent them from staying flat. Finally, the eraser located on the third side is used for removing surface stains. We recommend using the edge of the eraser in order to cover a larger surface of the suede. The eraser lets you smoothen the creases of the suede to eliminate any small surface stains.

This very practical and strong brush provides you with all types of suede care brushes in one single tool that you can use anytime, anywhere. It can easily be stored anywhere and is perfect to carry along when travelling.

Maintenance: brush the brushes together to clean them without using any cleaning product or water.
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