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Black Stencil Dauber

Allows you to maintain your shoes in the most difficult to reach corners. Made of beech wood and black horsehair, this brush is the perfect tool for precise and efficient maintenance. Details
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How to use this product.

The use of the badger brush is simple and easy to access.

Before using the brush, make sure you have first dusted and cleaned your leather with a scraper and cleaning milk. Once your leather has been thoroughly cleaned, apply the shoe polish using the badger brush, making small circular movements on hard-to-reach surfaces such as eyelets and tabs. You can also apply shoe polish using this brush for a precise and optimal finish. Brush the brushes together to clean them without using water or cleaning products.

We strongly advise you to use a scraper and a cleansing milk in addition to your badger brush.

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Remplit sa mission !

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Black Stencil Dauber.

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  • Shape : Stencil Dauber
  • Category : Shoe Brushes
  • Use : Applying

Black Stencil Dauber for the Upkeep of Leather Shoes

The black horsehair stencil dauber is used for applying shoe cream with precision.

This horsehair stencil dauber is used to apply your shoe cream or polish with a high level of precision in the hard-to-reach areas of your leather shoes. The small round head of this dauber makes it possible to reach every corner or your leather shoes. Although the dauber is small and lightweight, it is made entirely of fine materials – a beechwood stick and horsehair bristles – and is very easy and comfortable to use as the stick is designed for gripping with your fingers. The black horsehair makes the dauber less messy and keeps it looking clean for longer.

Use this dauber only on leather that has been previously dusted and cleaned. The actual purpose of the dauber is to apply shoe cream to nourish and soften leather. However, the leather must be cleaned before being treated in order to open its pores and ensure that your shoes have the longest possible useful life. Once the leather has been properly cleaned, you can use the dauber to apply to shoe cream with precision around the eyelets, the tongue and between the various sections of the shoe. Apply the shoe cream using small circular strokes so that it can adequately penetrate the leather. You may also wish to apply your shoe polish with the dauber to achieve the same precision.

Maintenance: brush the brushes together to clean them without using any cleaning product or water.
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