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Clean your bag and leather goods

All our advice for cleaning and care your bags, leather jackets and all types of leather or coated canvas leather goods.


Frequency: as soon as you want to have your leather goods clean, at least once a month to ensure good preservation over time.

Your handbag, wallet, belt, travel bag, leather jacket, watch strap and all your other leather goods can be cared for and protected.

Often made of leather or coated canvas, you might be tempted to use shoe care products or generic products which unfortunately are not suitable for this type of support. You will get color transfers on your clothes and risk degrading the look and touch of the material.

In this lesson we explain how to use leather goods care products to maintain and protect these beautiful accessories.
The products used come from the Bōme bag and leather goods care range.

Step 1: Dust off

Surely the simplest step is to roughly clean the support and thus avoid trapping any impurities after the care products have been used.

For this we use a cleaning brush made of pig hair bristles. This brush is stiff enough to be effective without risking damaging the materials. You can rub vigorously without risk for your bag, jacket and other leather goods.

Brush the entire surface, paying particular attention to the folds and seams.

Avoid synthetic brushes which generate fine scratches on the materials. These degradations are irreversible.

Dust off the bag, leather jacket or leather goods

Step 2: Clean up

The goal is to clean to restore the original color and touch without damaging the material. If you use a classic cleansing milk, the little wax that this product contains will make the material shine slightly and leave a sticky touch.

We recommend using a cleaning product specifically developed for leather goods. The Bōme Cleaning Gel does not contain any solvent so as not to damage the coated canvas and ensures effective cleaning without degrading the colors.

On first contact with the gel materials may darken slightly, this is a normal reaction. Once dry you will find the original colors.

Take a dab of gel with your chamois cloth then describe small circles without forcing on the leather or the coated canvas. The gel will dissolve all the accumulated dirt and then thanks to the thickness of the chamois you will be able to wipe the whole thing and obtain a clean surface.

Be careful with very dry and damaged leathers which have brightened over time, full maintenance will restore the original darker color.

Clean up the bag, leather jacket or leather goods

Step 3: Renovate the color (optional)

This is an optional step, not necessary for routine maintenance.

The goal is to renovate the color with a pigmented product without the risk of color transfers to your jackets, shirts, armchairs, etc. If you use a classic colored shoe polish cream intended for shoe care you will certainly cause color transfer.

The use of Bōme Leather Renovator during a complete maintenance allows to deeply repigment the leather without transfers after application.

Place the milk on your chamois cloth then massage the leather by describing small circles without forcing. The milk must penetrate the support and not remain on the surface. Proceed in small successive layers, removing the excess after each pass. Stop the operation either when the leather is saturated with milk (all the product remains on the surface) or when you have obtained the desired color.

Leave to dry for a day, then rub the leather again with a clean chamois cloth to remove the product which could have beaded on the surface during drying.

Renovate the color of the bag, leather jacket or leather goods

Step 4: Nourish (and repair)

Unfortunately the least impressive but the most important step.

It is this product that will protect your leather goods from time and damage. Always solvent-free so as not to damage the coated canvas, Bōme Nourishing Gel partly has properties identical to the cleaning gel: it does not degrade the color or the touch.

Thanks to the nourishing power, this gel restores suppleness, prevents cracks/cracks/chapping caused by time and limits damage during accidents such as scratches or other snags.

Take a dab of nourishing gel with your chamois cloth then massage the leather or the coated canvas by describing small circles without forcing. When the material is saturated (the product remains on the surface), stop the operation and remove the excess product that has remained on the surface.

If you have opted for the renovation step, this gel will also remove all traces of renovating milk left on the surface. So do not be surprised if during this step you remove a little color, this reaction is normal.

Be careful, generic nourishing products or products dedicated to shoes are mainly made of waxes. They make the leathers shine and foul the coated canvas. It is important not to use these products during maintenance of leather goods or clothing.

Nourish and repair the bag, leather jacket or leather goods

Step 5: Protect

This step does not repair but limits the consequences of potential future accidents.

Always solvent-free so as not to degrade materials such as coated canvas, this Bōme Protective Spray, based on biodegradable fluororesin, protects leather, coated canvas and textiles from future accidental stains or traces of water. We do not recommend conventional waterproofing products which could change the appearance of the material.

Spray from a distance of 30cm then smooth the product with a clean chamois cloth. Thanks to the water-repellent effect of the chamois, you will obtain a light and even film over the entire surface.

This step will also help stop color transfer if you have opted for the recolouring step with the renovating milk.

Protect the bag, leather jacket or leather goods


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