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Saphir Colour Remover - 500ml

Discolour the patina of your leather shoes in just a few passes so that you can change the original colour without damaging the material. Tested and approved in the Monsieur Chaussure workshops by patina experts. Sufficient quantity to carry out several discolorations. Details

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How to use this product.

Do not include in your shoe care routine.

We recommend that you carry out a test on a discrete area of your shoe to see how the leather reacts. If the patina loses a few shades, your shoe is suitable for the stripper. If this is not the case, do not continue with the stripping process, as this may damage the leather permanently.

Place yourself in a well-ventilated room and protect your work surface to avoid damaging it when handling the products. Make sure you have completely dusted your shoes with a scraper before applying the stripper. Open the bottle of product, soak the product lightly on a chamois. Rub the stripper-soaked chamois gently into the leather to colour it. Repeat this process over the entire shoe, several times, until the leather is completely discoloured and matt. Allow the shoe to dry for at least an hour before staining. To accentuate the new colour of your shoes, apply a generous amount of nourishing shoe polish to nourish and enhance the colour.

Shine your shoes with a shoe polish paste and a shine brush to get your shoes as shiny as when you first bleached them.

Always keep the stripper in a shaded area, a place is fine.


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Saphir Colour Remover - 500ml.

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  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Leathers
  • Type : Liquid
  • Volume : 500 ml
  • Use : Color Remover
  • Weight : 0,488 g
  • Length : 6,8 cm
  • Width : 6,8 cm
  • Height : 19,5 cm

Saphir Colour Remover for Smooth Leather Shoes - 500ml

The colour remover by Saphir (500ml) strips the colour from your leather shoes without damaging them.

The colour remover by Saphir helps you change the colour of your leather shoes by completely stripping the existing colour to pave the way for a new leather dye. It gradually works on the leather to lift away the old dye without being too abrasive on the shoes. This product is intended for the occasional modification of your shoe colour, and should not be used as a regular leather care product. The Saphir colour remover can be applied to any type of non-delicate smooth leather, whether it be a pair of leather shoes, boots or other leather items including belts, wallets and even bags. The large 500ml can of colour remover is enough to remove the colour from several pairs of shoes.

Use the Saphir colour remover on leather that has already been dusted. It should be applied in a well-ventilated area and any valuable objects should be covered to prevent accidents. Test the product on a hidden area of the shoe to see how it reacts with the leather. If the leather loses its colour after the product has dried, apply the colour remover to the rest of the shoes. If the tested area does not lighten in colour, discontinue the colour remover as it could cause damage to your shoes. If you are satisfied with the results, unscrew the security cap of the bottle and dampen a cotton polishing cloth with the colour remover. Rub the cloth gently on the leather to strip away its colour. You can apply several successive layers for a stronger colour removal effect. Allow the product to work on the leather for at least one hour after each application. Then apply a leather dye and a nourishing shoe cream to help preserve the beauty of the newly-coloured leather.

Store your Saphir colour remover in a cool place, away from light.
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