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Famaco Colour Remover - 100ml

Allows you to gradually remove the patina from your city leather shoes to change the original colour. Enough to discolor a pair of shoes. Tested and approved by the patina experts at Monsieur Chaussure. Details
9 33 reviews

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This product is Tested . Checked . Approved

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How to use this product.

Precautions for use: apply occasionally when changing the colour of a pair of shoes.

The stripper is not a regular use cleaner. We also advise you to test a hidden area of your shoe to see how the leather reacts.

Sit in a well-ventilated room and cover your work surface with a cloth to avoid damaging it when handling the products. Open the bottle of product, pour some of the product onto a chamois cloth wrapped around your fingers. Gently rub the leather to colour it. Repeat the experiment several times to activate the bleaching power of the stripper.

Once you have obtained a matt, bleached leather, leave your shoes to dry for at least an hour before staining. To perfect the new colour of your shoes, apply generously some nourishing shoe polish to nourish and enhance the colour.

Finish by polishing to get your shoes as shiny as they were when you first bleached them.

Keep the stripper in a shaded room, a seat is fine.

33 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 33 reviews from verified buyers.

Michèle LE B. Verified buyer NOYAL MUZILLAC, May 28 2024
Flamenco Stripper

Effective product that allowed me to give new life to my shoes

Sylvie B. Verified buyer GORGES, May 01 2024
Sneaker stripping

Very good product, I stripped beige and gold sneakers without any problem, with a piece of chamois, you just have to rub a little and don't hesitate to use more stripper on the chamois.

Eric B. Verified buyer Sainte Euphémie, Dec 20 2023

Effective product for stripping your shoes but remember to wear a mask

Maxime M. Verified buyer Saint leu la foret , Dec 12 2023
Famaco stripper

Good quality

Ellen D. Verified buyer La Meziere, Nov 18 2023

I was afraid of the result but it's perfect and super easy to use. Easily removes old color without needing to apply too much or scrub thoroughly.

Jean Jérôme S. Verified buyer Nully, Nov 09 2023
Everything is perfect

Fast and careful shipping. Good quality product

Zaineb B. Verified buyer Chambery, Nov 08 2023
Works very well

No complaints

FALL A. Verified buyer Paris , Sep 11 2023
Lack of protective packaging

It is a good product which requires protective packaging when shipping due to the side effects when inhaled.

Anne Marie G. Verified buyer LORIENT, Jul 17 2023
Ideal for shoes

product conforms to the presentation, works perfectly

Maxence H. Verified buyer Champigny sur Marne, Mar 26 2023
Very good product

Very good stripper, to apply with an old t-shirt, allows you to remove the leather before skating and also to lighten a patina. I recommend.Precaution to take, ventilate the room you are in well.

Lisa F. Verified buyer nice, Jan 07 2023
A sure value

The quality/price ratio is the best found so far. Effective, it gets the job done.

Albert M. Verified buyer vedene, Dec 04 2022
New color.

Very good product, excellent stripper.

Romain G. Verified buyer La Chapelle sur Erdre, Jan 25 2022

I had started to bleach discolored ankle boots with hydroalcoholic gel with acetone, there were still a few areas of brown but the whole shoe was lightened to beige... but the remover had the effect reverse !!! Probably by bringing back the original dye!! and made spots reappear! Apparently I need to continue stripping but the 100 ml is very insufficient!

Charles B. Verified buyer Saint Joseph, Nov 19 2021


Pierrick F. Verified buyer Bussy-Saint-Georges, Aug 23 2021

The stripper works very well. Very satisfied.

Muriel D. Verified buyer MARSEILLE, Apr 30 2021
Simple to use... just wear gloves and a protective mask

I have already used the product. I have recommended it... It is very useful for dyeing my shoes... even new ones! I recommend... It does not damage the leather in any way... calfskin for example... I recommend +++

Marie A. Verified buyer LA ROCHE SUR YON, Apr 08 2021
Super effective

Super effective product. Too bad the bottle was poorly closed before sending.

Frédéric R. Verified buyer Arenthon, Jan 09 2021
FAMACO Stripper

Hello everyone, many people use acetone to strip leather. But this operation is indeed very (too) aggressive for the leather. FAMACO stripper is “gentler” on leather. With really light use, it is even perfect for removing glazing paste residue and thus cleaning and opening the pores of the leather. However, this operation should not be done at every interview, but I would say every 4 to 6 creaming/icing (and of course it all depends on whether you are a “frosting madman” or not. Hoping this will help you.

David G. Verified buyer MARSEILLE, Aug 19 2020
Very good product

Removes old layers of various dyes and auxiliary coloring very well.

Catherine M. Verified buyer Skibbereen Co. Cork, Oct 27 2019
Works great

Bought to use with the saphir black dye. Worked perfectly to prepare leather to receive the dye.

Florence G. Verified buyer ANGERS, Apr 06 2019
Effective stripper

Depending on the type of leather, you have to be a little careful but easy to use

Lise G. Verified buyer Brémontier Merval, Oct 28 2018
The perfect stripper before using Monsieur Chaussure dye.

Easy to use (outside) and strips painted leather (not mass-dyed) well.

Nathalie D. Verified buyer nantes, Aug 25 2018

Very very strong smell and still has a lot of yellow color

Sylvain B. Verified buyer Saint Ouen, Jun 20 2018
not very intuitive to use

This product is quite complicated to use. It is difficult to know if you are using enough product or not. The tint actually fades after the product dries, and dry rubbing helps remove some extra tint. I had a hard time determining if the color came off by rubbing with a cloth soaked in the product because it moistens the paint, which obviously darkens it and makes it difficult to see if the color is coming off. Is more effective on certain areas of the shoe than others. A notice would be a plus. However, the product performed its function relatively well.

Vincent L. Verified buyer Le Mesnil-Esnard , Mar 06 2018
Very good result

The product conforms 100% to the description and allows you to strip it gradually without risking burning the flower.

SEBASTIEN E. Verified buyer rilhac rancon, Nov 04 2017
good product


Annie R. Verified buyer veneux les sablons, Dec 29 2016

very useful before dyeing

Agnès R. Verified buyer Marseille, Feb 23 2016
not convinced

No instructions for use on the bottle, I rubbed many times only to lighten the original color, the leather was starting to weaken

Nancy G. Verified buyer SAVASSE, Dec 26 2015

Effective product after several passes. Very strong smell. Very satisfactory quantity for 2 pairs of shoes

Vincent B. Verified buyer Valence, Oct 21 2015

very good product, I used it to strip brown leather shoes

Fabien C. Verified buyer Paris, May 12 2014
Mr. Shoe Remover

Very good product, easy to use

Guillaume R. Verified buyer Oct 26 2013
Very good and inexpensive

A very effective product for stripping without damaging the shoe. Ventilate the room well because the product is powerful.

Tristan I. Verified buyer Jun 28 2013
Open the windows!

Effective product for removing old color from shoes before dyeing. You can go several times to thoroughly strip the shoe. On the other hand, ventilate the room well because this product smells very strong!


Find all the details for the product:

Famaco Colour Remover - 100ml.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Leathers
  • Type : Liquid
  • Volume : 100 ml
  • Use : Color Remover
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,180 g
  • Length : 4,7 cm
  • Width : 4,7 cm
  • Height : 11,2 cm

Famaco Colour Remover for Leather Shoes

The colour remover by Famaco strips the colour from your leather shoes.

The Famaco colour remover gradually strips the colour from your dress shoes when you want to alter or completely change their colour. User the Famaco colour remover to clear away previous colour shades and to clean the leather before changing its hue. This product is intended for the occasional modification of your shoe colour, and should not be used as a regular leather care product.

Use the Famaco colour remover on leather that has already been dusted. It should be applied in a well-ventilated area and any valuable objects should be covered to prevent accidents. Test the product on a hidden area of the shoe to see how it reacts with the leather. If the leather loses its colour after the product has dried, apply the colour remover to the rest of the shoes. If the tested area does not lighten in colour, discontinue the colour remover as it could cause damage to your shoes. If you are satisfied with the results, unscrew the security cap of the bottle and dampen a cotton polishing cloth with the colour remover. Rub the cloth gently on the leather to strip away its colour. You can apply several successive layers for a stronger colour removal effect. Allow the product to work on the leather for at least one hour after each application. Then apply a leather dye and a nourishing shoe cream to help preserve the beauty of the newly-coloured leather.

Store your Famaco colour remover in a cool place, away from light.
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