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Famaco Beige Anti-Slip Self-Adhesive Pads

Famaco Beige Anti-Slip Self-Adhesive Pads

Pair of self-adhesive pads to prevent slipping and protect the sole against shocks when walking to prevent premature wear. Details
Width: 5 cm

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Suitable for shoes with brown soles. Available in various sizes.

Before applying your sticky pads, it is advisable to have a clean sole. To do this you can clean it with a sponge slightly soaked in alcohol. Rub the sponge lightly over the area where you are going to put the skate and then wipe with a clean towel to remove the alcohol from the surface. Wait a few minutes to ensure that the sole is completely dry. If it is not, the skate will not stick to the sole. When the sole is clean and dry, place the sticky part of the shoe on the shoe and press hard for a few minutes on the entire surface so that the two parts stick together.

For optimal and complete protection, Monsieur Chaussure recommends the installation of a complete protection to fight against premature wear of your sole. Service available online and throughout France.


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Famaco Beige Anti-Slip Self-Adhesive Pads.

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Beige Self-Adhesive Anti-Slip Shoe Sole Protectors Grip Pads

The beige non-slip self-adhesive shoe pads by Famaco are the ideal accessory to avoid slipping while wearing your shoes, and protect your sole from premature wear.

Famaco's beige self-adhesive, non-slip, anti-wear pads protect your soles from premature wear. They also provide better grip and prevent you from slipping in your shoes or pumps. Available in several sizes, just select the size that best suits the surface of the sole of your shoes. The beige colour is suitable for shoes with light-coloured soles.

For an optimal use of the pads, we highly recommend to clean well your shoes with alcohol using an abrasive sponge to obtain a clean, smooth, and dry surface. After removing the protective layer, stick the pad onto the surface of the outsole you want to cover, and press it strongly for a few seconds.

We highly recommend you change the pads when they start to worn out.
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