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Brown Sole Protection Kit

Protect your new shoes with a pad and iron before wearing them for the first time to increase the life of your soles. This service is carried out by a Monsieur Chaussure certified shoemaker. Details
10 55 reviews
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Available with our home shoe repair service: your shoes make the journey to our workshop and come back protected to accompany you for years.

The complete protection is made up of two elements: the high quality crepe shoe selected by our 25 years of experience workshop manager and an iron embedded in the sole to protect it from shocks against the ground. Monsieur Chaussure recommends that you install the shoe immediately after purchasing the pair and change it every year to preserve your soles.

Choose the colour that corresponds to the smoothness so as not to alter the aesthetic aspect of your pair of shoes. The fitting of the protection is done in our workshop, in our shop in the 15th arrondissement.

Shoe repair services are carried out exclusively in Monsieur Chaussure workshops in Paris by salaried shoemakers Monsieur Chaussure.

Your shoes are checked by the workshop chief.
If we need more information, a manager will call you, otherwise the requested work will begin.

The usual deadline for this service is from one week to 10 days.

55 reviews  /  5 stars

The rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 55 reviews from verified buyers.

Jean Yves V. Verified buyer Feb 03 2024
Clean work

and well done

Pascal L. Verified buyer MORANGIS, Nov 03 2023
Perfect sole protection

On a pair of new shoes, you protect it and be sure to keep it for a long time. very careful work.

Marius L. Verified buyer Paris, Oct 03 2023
Very good work

Quality and professional work, for a reasonable price. I highly recommend.

Philippe R. Verified buyer Jun 29 2023
Quality reviews

As I indicated when collecting my 3 pairs of shoes...the work is perfect!! Very satisfied.I am on my 6th pair of shoes for a skate + iron installation.I will come back for the other pairs...

Patrick C. Verified buyer Mar 09 2023

I recommend

Frédéric G. Verified buyer LYON, Feb 11 2023
I love the cutout

Very difficult to find skates other than Toppy and shoemakers giving such nice cuts, this arc cut is really a plus... plus, the skate and the iron are perfectly integrated into the sole.

Florentin R. Verified buyer Paris, Dec 03 2022

Quality and precise work.

Armand DE N. Verified buyer Nov 28 2022
Iron protection

Great job on this pair of shoes!

Louis C. Verified buyer Nov 27 2022
Louis Chaillet

Very satisfied

Camille B. Verified buyer OLLIERES, Jul 23 2022
Very neat work!

Beautiful, high quality service!

Nelson G. Verified buyer Bischheim, Jul 22 2022

Still excellent.

Guilhem V. Verified buyer Jun 27 2022

Clean and careful work, the two elements (pad and iron) are perfectly adjusted to the shape of the sole.

Yves M. Verified buyer Antony, Jun 19 2022
Very nice finish, impeccable, communication could be improved

Qualitatively high quality service On the other hand, I had put two pairs of shoes on at the same time, one for complete resoling, the other for protecting the front ends which should have been quicker. The person at the store asked me for my phone number to notify me when the first pair would be ready. Good initiative except that I'm still waiting for the phone call. Hence my removal of one star.

Dear customer, in fact the seller should not have promised you a return by telephone. He should have made 2 orders with therefore 2 emails for withdrawals at different times. We are reporting this error to the store manager.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Julien D. Verified buyer Jun 09 2022
Full front protection brown

Very good product, job well done. No complaints.

Zakaria A. Verified buyer Bagnolet, Jan 23 2022
Complete protection!

Very good work

Sullivan L. Verified buyer Paris, Dec 06 2021

Clean, crisp, without burrs. Serious work.

Luc B. Verified buyer Nov 17 2021


Nicolas M. Verified buyer WAMBRECHIES, Sep 01 2021
Full front protection brown

Nothing to say about this service, the execution of which is impeccable. I haven't tried them in real life yet but visually it's already very good! Note that the operation took place remotely and that the round/execution/return times are compressed as much as possible!

Hugo L. Verified buyer Montrouge, Jul 25 2021
Very well done

The workmanship is excellent and the whole thing holds perfectly in place. The finishes as well as the sole used are beautiful and of good quality.

Maxence C. Verified buyer Paris, Jul 25 2021
Complete protection

Very good assembly for this complete protection of skates and irons

Alexis A. Verified buyer HERBLAY, May 17 2021

Good welcome, good quality of services!

Jean-André S. Verified buyer Vescovato, Feb 24 2021
Impeccable installation

The installation is perfectly done.

Erik D. Verified buyer Feb 05 2021
Very satisfied with the result

I recommend this quality service.

Antonin M. Verified buyer Paris, Oct 25 2020
Impeccable, nothing to say

The skate and the iron seem to be of very good quality and very well placed. The iron in particular is fixed with 6 screws (and not 3 as you can see in the photo, which seemed a little "light" to me), so better performance than expected in the end!

YOANN J. Verified buyer PARIS, Feb 22 2020
Rigorous work

The work is serious and neatly done. No complaints!

Laurent C. Verified buyer Saline Les bains, Feb 21 2020
Brown front protection

Impeccable installation and fit

Emmanuel B. Verified buyer Paris, Feb 09 2020
What was needed

Very well placed, this brown protection is suitable for a plum-colored shoe.

Hugo M. Verified buyer Sarcelles, Jan 16 2020
Brown skate

Operation successful!

Nicolas S. Verified buyer Jan 15 2020
The best remedy for a sole that lasts!

From 1: it's classier in the long term (instead of a sole that changes color depending on where you walk) and for my part, the iron provides a real polished finish 2: it's safer! To avoid having to resole (if and only if you have the opportunity thanks to Goodyear or Norwegian fitting for example) after several months of wearing the shoe. If you can't resole it, it's good to throw it away! Another thing, the iron plays a big part in preventing the sole from coming off, unlike the famous Topy, and in particular on potential curb stops! From 3: This comment is not very common and is therefore more of a personal assessment: it is more comfortable than a classic leather sole.

Arnaud D. Verified buyer Jan 15 2020
Well done

Well done. Perfectly done

Antoine I. Verified buyer Remiremont, Jan 15 2020
Well done

Skate well installed and which has not deteriorated since its installation 6 months ago. However, the operation times are too long (1 and a half weeks)

Thibaud C. Verified buyer Paris, Jan 15 2020
Good job

Impeccably done work for one of the 2 pairs submitted. For the 2nd pair very good work too, nothing to complain about the installation of the skate and the iron itself, only small downside: a black mark on the front of the right toe (just above the sole so not necessarily visible at first look) from one of the shoes that I was unable to remove with cleaning milk.

Dear customer, this is a small trace of deformation that we will be able to remove in the workshop. Do not hesitate to come to the store to review this.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Guillaume G. Verified buyer Paris, May 19 2019
Shoe repair

Very good work

Regis D. Verified buyer TAVERNY, May 09 2019
Excellent work

The installation of the complete protection is perfect, my brogues are ready to attack the Parisian asphalt! Thank you Mr. Shoes :)

François P. Verified buyer paris, Apr 03 2019
Full front protection

Neat, robust and elegant work!

Quentin D. Verified buyer Paris, Mar 27 2019
Good job !

Putting on shoes and skates with my approach allows my shoes to damage them less quickly. Very happy with the clean work done by the workshop.

David M. Verified buyer Paris, Mar 17 2019
Good but...

In itself the service is perfect, nothing to complain about there. On the other hand, being someone who is very careful and has a large collection of shoes, I attach a lot of importance to the condition of these shoes. However, on 2 pairs left for installation of shoes and skates, I noticed black marks on the sole. Is it glue or dye to make the patinas? I can't say but it's disappointing and not very careful for anyone who wants to get their shoes back in the same condition they left them. I hesitate to leave my most precious and delicate pairs from now on

Dear customer, we thank you for this comment. Please note that our store teams are instructed to never deliver a pair if the customer finds a defect. In your case it is probably the deformation applied to the rail. The remaining traces must be cleaned. A manager will contact you to collect your pair and do what is necessary.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Victor D. Verified buyer Paris, Mar 14 2019
Excellent workmanship and craftsmanship

Fast and very careful work... unlike all the other local craftsmen

Jean D. Verified buyer Paris, Feb 19 2019
Excellent service

The protection is the best in the whole city, it's simple, well made, a little extra, it's adapted according to the color of the sole, the finish is robust and impeccable

Guinel C. Verified buyer Issy-les-moulineaux, Feb 10 2019
A work of goldsmith

The fact that the iron is recessed is an excellent thing. I tend to chew my shoes on the toes and my previous experiences with non-recessed irons had been disastrous (iron that unsoldered after a few weeks, etc.). I recommend.

Lionel C. Verified buyer Paris, Jan 15 2019
Very satisfied

I called on Monsieur Chaussure to install brown crest skates and embedded irons for 2 pairs of shoes and the results are very satisfactory :)! I'm going back today to fit another pair of shoes!

Mathieu G. Verified buyer PARIS, Dec 28 2018

Excellent welcome and advice!

Sylvain L. Verified buyer Saint Paul Les Fonts, Dec 21 2018
Very good work

Very good work

SALAh LE F. Verified buyer PARIS, Oct 28 2018
Neat work

Excellent performance from Mr Chaussure Miromesnil. The shoes were ready after 10 days, so earlier than expected. To recommend.

Jerome P. Verified buyer paris, Oct 14 2018
Same as previous message

Quality work but deadline double that announced almost 4 weeks instead of 2!! without any explanation!! A commercial gesture would have been welcome Ex a product offered (ex scraper or other)

We apologize for these unusually long delays. Our workshop has been particularly busy recently. A second team is being trained and will join our workshops soon to ensure better delivery times.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Arnaud De V. Verified buyer PARIS, Sep 17 2018
Front protection

Works clean and fast

Nicolas M. Verified buyer Paris, Sep 09 2018
Front skate

Perfect pose. Magnificent shoe care. Pleasure

Olivier P. Verified buyer PARIS, Aug 12 2018
my protected shoes

I am delighted with the restoration of my shoes; a new life thanks to built-in irons!

Panagiotis I. Verified buyer Paris, Aug 02 2018

Second pair of shoes I've done this on and it's once again very well done.

Dimitri C. Verified buyer paris, Jul 22 2018
Great service but a little long

Installation of skate and irons: perfect Just a small downside on the duration of more than a week which I consider a little too long

Dear customer, we apologize for this abnormally long delay. We are doing our best to minimize this wait.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Simon-Pierre S. Verified buyer PARIS, Jul 18 2018


Fabien V. Verified buyer paris, Jun 11 2018
Complete protection

Meets expectations.

Benjamin G. Verified buyer Paris, May 20 2018
Complete protection

Very professional work with always good advice. I recommend

Maxime G. Verified buyer paris, May 19 2018

Despite a prolonged delay beyond their control (courier). The quality of the work is impeccable. I recommend with my eyes closed and I would use the service for my next shoes.

Frédéric Martin C. Verified buyer Apr 20 2018
the colour

brown color with a little more brown it will be even better otherwise RAS finish


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Brown Sole Protection Kit.

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  • Category : Shoe Repairs
  • Goal : Protect
  • Work Area : Sole
  • Support : Shoe
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