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Oilerd Leather Saddle Soap

Solid soap for deep cleaning of greasy and robust leathers to prolong their life. Allows for multiple maintenance. Tested and approved in Monsieur Chaussure's workshops. Details

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How to use this product.

Allows you to deep clean greasy, thick and robust leathers by unclogging the pores in order to eliminate surface and deep stains.

On a leather previously dusted with an adapted scraper like the one proposed by Monsieur Chaussure, apply the saddle soap on your leather. Collect the soap directly from the jar using a sponge or a slightly dampened cloth. Rub gently in a circular motion for a thorough, deep clean. You can insist on stubborn stains. Repeat the operation until you obtain the desired result. Then let your pair dry for a few hours and proceed with the rest of the maintenance.

To complete the cleaning, you can continue by applying a protective spray to nourish and waterproof the leather before polishing it with a Mr Shoe polishing brush.


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Oilerd Leather Saddle Soap.

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Regenerating Saddle Soap for Oiled or Thick Leather

The saddle soap leather cleanser by Famaco is ideal for cleaning your oiled or sturdy leather pieces.

The cleansing and regenerating saddle soap gives a longer lifespan to your oiled or thick leather shoes. Saddle soap has stronger cleaning power than a standard milk cleaner. It strips off chunky and oiled leathers and unblocks the pores of the material for deep cleaning. It also removes surface stains to return your chunky and oiled leathers to their original appearance.

The saddle soap cleans and conditions effectively your leather pieces and you can use it as a replacement for your regular leather cleaner. Apply a little bit of the soap on a cloth and rub gently with circular motions. You can also add a few drops of water to facilitate the use, or just use a wet sponge. Use a clean, dry cloth to buff any excess, and let it dry for before taking up the rest of the care.

For a longer use of the product, always close your soap jar and keep it in a cool and dry place.
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