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Chausse-Pied métal petit modèle
  • Chausse-Pied métal petit modèle
  • Chausse-Pied métal petit modèle
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Small Stainless Steel Shoe Horn

This small size is the perfect size to help you get your low shoes on in seconds. The stainless steel used makes it sturdy so you can lean on it to get your foot into your stiffest shoes. Details

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To keep your pair of shoes in good condition, don't neglect the shoehorn step. The shoemakers at Monsieur Chaussure encourage its daily use and for all types of shoes.

To avoid damaging your shoe, put the shoehorn in your shoe first by sticking it against the back and sole. When your shoe is correctly placed, insert your foot until you feel resistance. Then press your heel against the top of your shoe while sliding in at the same time.

The shape of the shoehorn accompanies the sliding of your foot. When your foot feels comfortable in your shoe, you can remove the shoehorn. Repeat the procedure for the second foot.


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Small Stainless Steel Shoe Horn.

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  • Category : Shoe Horns
  • Materials : Metal
  • Use : Seated
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,60 g
  • Length : 19 cm
  • Width : 4,7 cm
  • Height : 1,3 cm

Small Stainless Steel Shoe Horn with a Short Handle

The small stainless steel shoe horn helps you quickly and effortlessly put on any pair of flat shoes.

The small stainless steel shoe horn is truly a basic and necessary accessory for any shoe lover. Its ergonomic design is made for easy handling and will fit your heel perfectly without affecting the quality of the leather as you put on your shoes. It is made of extremely durable stainless steel for easy use, even with hard leather.

Use the shoe horn with any flat shoe that may be difficult to put on and to keep the shoe in good condition. First, slide the front of your foot into your shoe. Then, slide the stainless steel shoe horn on to the back of the shoe keeping it firmly in position. Place your heel on the shoe horn and the smooth metal surface will help you to slide your heel down until it reaches the sole. You can then remove the shoe horn without hurting your heel or damaging the shoe heel.

The shoe horn's small size makes it easy to store anywhere and the hole on the end is made for hanging on a hook in your wardrobe or entryway. The small stainless steel shoe horn is very discreet and is light enough to carry along with you anywhere.
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