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Medium Metal Shoe Horn 55cm
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Medium Metal Shoe Horn 55cm

Its intermediate size makes it easy to keep in your wardrobe and very handy to put on your shoes quickly without causing back pain. Suitable for everyday use. Details

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To use your 55 cm metal shoehorn correctly, follow these steps:

- Insert the rounded end into your shoe
- Gently push the front part of your foot into your shoe
- Press your heel against the shoehorn
- Slide your foot until you reach the bottom of the shoe
- Remove your shoehorn gently to keep your foot in place.

You have just put on your shoes in a few seconds without damaging the heel. It is recommended to use a shoehorn daily to preserve your shoe.


Find all the details for the product:

Medium Metal Shoe Horn 55cm.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Category : Shoe Horns
  • Materials : Metal
  • Use : Standing

Stainless Steel Shoe Horn with Long Handle 55 cm

The medium metal shoe horn helps you put on your shoes and avoids back pain since you won't need to bend over.

The medium stainless steel shoe horn is particularly light and impact-resistant and lets you easily put on any pair of leather shoes or boots without ever having to bend over. The shoe horn's shape is designed for putting on shoes without damaging the leather. The convenient handle on the end makes it very easy to use.

Use the medium stainless steel shoe horn to put on any pair of shoes or hard boots. The medium size and sturdiness of this shoe horn makes it particularly useful for leather boots or ankle boots. You can also use it to avoid back pain and relieve your spine as you put on your shoes. By simply sitting down to use this shoe horn, you won't need to bend over to put on your shoes. It therefore provides a fast and comfortable means of putting on your leather shoes or boots. The shoe horn also protects your joints by allowing you to keep your back straight, thus avoiding back pain. Place the medium stainless steel shoe horn at the back of your leather shoe or boot and insert the front of your foot into the shoe. As your heel touches the shoe horn, its smooth and firm surface will help you slide your heel down into the shoe. The thin and sturdy stainless steel helps you to apply pressure with your foot onto the shoe horn and also makes it easy to remove once your foot goes into the shoe.

Despite its size, this medium shoe horn is very light and the chain through the hole on the end allows you to hang it anywhere.
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