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Chausse-pied articulé métal (60 cm)
  • Chausse-pied articulé métal (60 cm)
  • Deluxe Shoe Horn 55cm

Deluxe Shoe Horn 55cm

Ideal size to slip on your shoes or boots, soft or hard, without deforming them. The rosewood is durable so you can use it for years and adds a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. Details

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The Monsieur Chaussure team recommends the daily use of a shoehorn for all your sneakers or boots.

This shoehorn is placed in the shoe at the heel, it must touch the sole. After installing your shoehorn in the shoe, open the front of the shoe slightly to insert your foot.

When your foot is inserted, place your heel against the shoehorn and gently slide it along so that your foot effortlessly reaches the bottom of the shoe or boot. This quick movement allows you to slip your shoes on effortlessly. Remove the shoehorn and repeat the process with the second shoe.

Care tip: clean with a slightly damp cloth to remove dust and restore the original shine.


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Deluxe Shoe Horn 55cm.

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  • Category : Shoe Horns
  • Materials : Wood
  • Use : Standing
  • Weight : 0,160 g
  • Length : 55 cm
  • Width : 4,1 cm
  • Height : 1,7 cm

Deluxe Polished Rosewood Shoe Horn with Long Handle

The deluxe rosewood shoe horn makes it easy to put on your shoes.

This deluxe rosewood high quality shoe horn helps you easily put on your shoes and boots, including those made of hard leather. Its rosewood is particularly durable and will stand the test of time. By choosing the deluxe rosewood shoe horn, you are investing in a luxury item and a strong accessory at the same time. Its large size is perfect for putting on leather shoes while seated, or for helping you put on your leather boots, including hard leather ones such as riding boots. The end of the shoe horn is perfectly shaped to fit your heel and to slide it gently into the shoe without deforming or creasing the leather. The gorgeous varnished finish of this black-marbled redwood makes it a truly long-lasting collector's item.

To use this rosewood shoe horn, simply slide it down your shoe or boot until it reaches the sole. Place your foot into the shoe and then your heel onto the wood of the shoe horn and slide it down until reaching the bottom of the shoe. The polished, varnished wood of this luxury shoe horn lets you put on your shoes with just one quick and effortless movement. Due to the large size of the shoe horn, you don't need to bend over. This helps prevent back pain and relieves your joints.

There is a red thong strap attached to the end of the shoe horn for hanging it up to ensure easy storage. If the rosewood becomes dirty, clean it with a damp cloth to restore its shine.

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