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Shoe-Eze Leather Softener Spray 50ml
  • Shoe-Eze Leather Softener Spray 50ml
  • Shoe-Eze Leather Softener Spray 50ml
  • Shoe-Eze Leather Softener Spray 50ml

Shoe-Eze Leather Softener Spray 50ml

Softener for leather and suede shoes to adapt to the shape of your feet. Recommended to gain comfort if the size is slightly too small. Details
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Local spot treatment to soften a pair of shoes that are slightly too small for your feet. Can be used in addition to a forcing shoe for a more intense action.

Sit in a ventilated room before using the product. Spray all over the shoe inside and outside to have a double action. Do not hesitate to wet the leather if necessary, the product is harmless to the material.

In the case of localized or significant discomfort, we advise you to put your foot on directly after applying the product so that the leather works according to the shape of your foot. Walk around for a few moments so that the shoe gets used to your walk and the shape of your feet. Remove your feet and allow to dry for a few hours. Repeat the procedure a few days later if you are not satisfied with the result.

Store the product in a dry room away from heat.

31 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 31 reviews from verified buyers.

Colette B. Verified buyer COURTENAY, May 25 2024
Leather dilator

Great product if your shoe is a little narrow. I have been using this product for over 50 years!!

Clemence G. Verified buyer Montgermont, Nov 27 2023
I recommend 100%

Jonak leather ankle boots that had difficulty relaxing, I was afraid of never putting them on because I had a lot of pain on the side of my feet and now I feel like I'm in slippers inside. I 100% recommend this product!!

Patricia H. Verified buyer Newcastle upon Tyne, Oct 31 2023
It Works Wonders!

I bought the Stretch Eze shoe spray for my new shoes. The leather was very hard and I couldn’t wear them. After using the shoe spray once, the leather felt much softer and I am able to wear them comfortably. I’ve ordered some more for the rest of my shoes and also the shoe polish. These products really work and delivery is quick. I would definitely recommend this company and their products to keep your shoes in good condition and your feet happy ?

Armand L. Verified buyer Vichères , Jul 22 2023

Do your shoes hurt your feet? With the Shoe Eze Saphir, you have your miracle cure!

Sylvie B. Verified buyer Remy, Jun 22 2023
Bomb shoes eze

Very good product very satisfied

Florence D. Verified buyer CHATOU, Jan 20 2022

Product arrived half empty!!

Dear customer, it must be a defective product delivered by our partner Saphir. Do not hesitate to contact our after-sales service to find a solution.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Anne B. Verified buyer Nantes , Dec 01 2021
Yesterday's bomb Eze

A good complement to the force form

Olivier P. Verified buyer GAP, Nov 19 2020
Effective product for softening shoes

Used on the back of a pair of sneakers and in addition to manually "breaking" this part, the product is effective: you just have to put the shoes on for a moment after putting on the product.

Jluc P. Verified buyer Muratello Corse du Sud, Dec 23 2019
Not to be missed

When buying new shoes this product proves to be of great use in improving comfort

Yvon Youssef K. Verified buyer Les Lilas, Oct 06 2019
Good product

Effective product on new leather shoes

Isabelle G. Verified buyer Champagny en Vanoise, May 26 2019
Leather softener.

T well

Isabelle K. Verified buyer PARIS, Mar 13 2019
mini fabric softener

Practical format for travel.

OPHELIE L. Verified buyer Paris, Oct 26 2018
Shoes-Eze aerosol 50 ml

Effective bomb but not enough for all my pumps (7 pairs!)

Laetitia F. Verified buyer Paris, Oct 15 2018
It saved me!

Shoes bought over a year ago, impossible to put them on, this product saved me!!!!

MARYLINE G. Verified buyer COMBS LA VILLE, Oct 01 2018
Shoe-Eze aerosol 50ml

Purchase of 2 aerosols, shame about the quantity: 50 ml is very little; On the other hand, the product is effective but it comes out very badly I have to spray several times and my 2 aerosols are the same, it's a shame is it bad packaging?

Pierette F. Verified buyer St maur des Fosses, May 19 2017

Easy to use. Positive result.

ALAIN L. Verified buyer VILLE LA GRAND, Apr 10 2017
One of the only fabric softeners on the market

Relatively effective product, provided it is renewed at least twice. On the other hand, a tiny size, and a very expensive product....for an infinitesimal quantity...

Annick V. Verified buyer BREST, Sep 07 2016
The amount

Good product but it's a shame they don't make it in a 100ml aerosol, this would avoid buying 2 for shoes with slightly hard leather.

Michele V. Verified buyer TOULON, Jun 06 2016

I can put on my shoes without pain

NOEL F. Verified buyer ST HILLIERS, Mar 30 2016
shoe eze

good performance

Christian L. Verified buyer tregourez, Feb 11 2016

with this product a shoe can no longer hurt you. THANKS

Martine B. Verified buyer FONTENAY SUR LOING, Apr 13 2015

great product that I have been using for years!!!!

Guillaume G. Verified buyer Paris, Apr 08 2015
Beyond my expectations

After thinking about throwing away my brand new pair because they were too painful, I wanted to try one last "trick" with this Shoe-eze. And it worked masterfully! My grandfather, a coordinator, always used it and I will continue too!

François F. Verified buyer Jan 22 2015
Shoe-Eze aerosol 50ml

Excellent transaction. Effective product. A seller to recommend. Thanks again...

ANNIE G. Verified buyer St Pierre d'Albigny, Jan 20 2015
shoe-Eze aerosol


Danielle A. Verified buyer nay, Nov 03 2014
softening shoes

excellent product, meets my expectations.

Elise L. Verified buyer Oct 20 2014
Effective for genes

Good product for toe discomfort.

Sylvain G. Verified buyer Sep 21 2013

Good foam product to slightly relax the leather. Very effective.

Gaby S. Verified buyer Jul 26 2013
Very effective

Good little product that I will always have at home for new shoes!

Elodie P. Verified buyer Jun 27 2013

Used on pumps for a wedding, this product works quickly and relieves the feet!!

Bertrand H. Verified buyer Jun 19 2013

This product is really very effective. It creates a foam that penetrates the leather in areas that cause pain. You put on your shoes and walk, the leather relaxes little by little.


Find all the details for the product:

Shoe-Eze Leather Softener Spray 50ml.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Materials
  • Type : Spray
  • Volume : 50 ml
  • Use : Softener
  • Weight : 0,66 g
  • Length : 3,5 cm
  • Width : 3,5 cm
  • Height : 12 cm

Shoe-Eze Leather Softener Spray 50ml

The Shoe-eze leather softener spray loosens up leather and suede shoes where they hurt your feet.

The Shoe-eze leather softener spray makes your leather shoes more comfortable by stretching them without damaging the leather. Use this leather softener spray occasionally in addition to your leather or suede care treatment to loosen the tight areas of our shoes without damaging them. The Shoe-eze expands the leather to get rid of the discomfort caused by wearing a tight pair of shoes. It treats the leather where it hurts to bring quick relief as well as a pleasant fragrance. The colourless foam transforms into a lotion upon contact with the leather to help it adapt to shape of your foot without staining the shoe or changing its colour. The 50ml spray can is easy to carry along with you and will largely suffice for several applications on your formal shoes.

Use the Shoe-eze leather softener spray primarily on the smaller areas of the shoe that need softening. For best results, apply the foam generously to both the outside and inside of your shoes. This dermatologically tested product is safe for your skin and can be applied directly by hand if you need to reach a very precise area. For mild discomfort, you can put the shoe on immediately after applying the product and walk around a bit to let the leather conform to the shape of your foot. We do however recommend using a shoe stretcher with bunion knobs for treating the precise areas that hurt the most. Bunion knobs are small hard plastic pieces that fit directly into the wood of the shoe stretcher and protrude lightly into the leather to stretch it in order to eliminate discomfort. Apply the Shoe-eze leather softener spray over successive days until the desired comfort level is achieved. Let the product dry and put on the shoes without rinsing it off.

Store your Shoe-eze leather softener spray in a cool place away from direct light.
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