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Full Length Orthotic Insole
Made in France
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Full Length Orthotic Insoles

Orthopedic insole to correct the foot's support and absorb shocks to reduce back pain. Made in France. Details
Size: 3,5

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Available in several sizes: we advise you to take a half size bigger than your shoe to be comfortable. The thick sole allows you to correct your posture. Fits all shoes.

To slip it into your shoes, open them wide. Remove the adhesive that protects the sticky part. Place the leather part towards the sky and then place it in the bottom of your shoe by sliding it against the heel so that it fits perfectly into the shoe. When the half insole is in place, apply a little pressure for a few seconds so that it adheres properly to your shoe. Slide your foot in to make sure you don't feel any discomfort and repeat the process for the second insole.

Renew your insole as soon as the top layer deteriorates.


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Full Length Orthotic Insoles.

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Orthotic Insole Full Length with balance correction

Full-Length Orthotic Insole that corrects posture and eliminates back pain by absorbing shocks.

Full-length orthotic insoles are designed to correct bad posture and stance in order to relieve certain types of lumbar and back pain. The effect of orthotic insoles is based on their manufacture which is designed so they mould themselves to the shape of the foot, thanks to a rigid arch that follows the curve of the foot.

The insole is fairly thick and assumes that your shoes are half a size bigger, to avoid any discomfort and ensure total comfort when walking. Remove the adhesive from the bottom of the orthotic insole and insert it with the leather side facing upwards. Press down on it for a few seconds to ensure that the insole adheres properly to the shoe.

You can check the condition of your insoles according to the wear to the top layer or the number of marks on it.
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