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Forme à forcer SAPHIR
  • Forme à forcer SAPHIR
  • Forme à forcer SAPHIR

Shoe Stretcher

This product allows you to widen your leather shoes yourself without damaging them. Thanks to the onions supplied with the product, you can precisely target the painful places. Details
Size: 2,5/3,5

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How to use this product.

Before using the press-on form, be sure to always use a leather conditioner first.

Insert the front of the last to be forced into your shoe, make sure that its two parts are closed against each other. Then adjust with the wheel the length of the shape to be forced so that the rear part for the shape of the heel. Once the assembly is in place, turn the handle a quarter turn to widen the front part of the shape to be forced.

Never turn more than a quarter at a time. Let stand overnight then repeat the operation if you are not satisfied.


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Shoe Stretcher.

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  • Shape : Classic
  • Category : Shoe Trees
  • Use : Shoe Stretchers

Shoe Stretcher for Widening Leather Shoes

The beechwood shoe stretcher widens your leather shoes without damaging them.

This shoe stretcher is a handy shoe accessory that softens and relaxes the front of your shoes without damaging the leather. This highly versatile shoe tree lets you adjust the width of either the whole front of your shoe or a precise area. Its strong beechwood features a varnished finish that makes is easier to slide the shoe tree into your dress shoe. You can widen specific areas of the shoes by placing the stiff plastic inserts known as “knobs” into the round holes carved out along the front piece. This allows you to widen only the very precise areas of the leather that cause you pain. The knobs come in three different sizes to adapt the shoes to the shape of your feet and reduce the thickness of the leather by a few millimetres to ensure optimal comfort when wearing your shoes. The two sections that make up this shoe stretcher are easily adjustable to allow you even greater precision when widening different areas of your shoes. The front section widens the leather while the back section keeps the shoe in place and helps stretch the heel of your shoe even though this is not the main function of the shoe stretcher. This unisex shoe stretcher is sold singly and is available in double and half sizes to give you more precise options.

Always use your shoe stretcher in combination with a leather softener to gradually widen your shoe without damaging it. Make sure to fully soak the leather with the softener to sufficiently humidify it and prevent it from cracking, as dried out leather will get damaged when stretched. Place the shoe stretcher inside your shoe preferably in the evening time and leave overnight to give the leather a more gradual stretch. Close the front and back sections of the shoe stretcher together and slide the front section into your shoe. Adjust the length of the shoe stretcher by turning the handle of the adjuster screw until the back section fits perfectly into the heel of the shoe. Once the shoe stretcher is in place, give a quarter turn on the handle to expand the front section. Never use more than a quarter turn at a time as this can overstretch and damage the leather. If you have used the plastic knob inserts, you will notice bell-shaped protrusions on the leather which will stretch it in that particular area. There is no need to worry about tearing the leather with the knobs since they only mimic the natural shape of your foot by giving the leather a light stretch in tight areas. It is normal to hear a noise as you turn the handle to stretch your leather shoe. If you are not satisfied with the results observed the morning after, repeat the process by again applying your leather softener and giving the handle another quarter turn.

Store your shoe stretcher is a cool, dry place.
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