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Varnished Beechwood Shoe Trees

Shoe trees in varnished beech wood, keeps your shoes in shape and absorbs moisture. Composed of three parts, this product adapts to most shoes. Details
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To slide your shoe trees into your shoes without damaging the leather, you must push the front part of the shoe tree into your shoe, without forcing it.

Then exert pressure on the spring of the front and rear parts of the shoe tree in order to push the shoe tree in and place it at the bottom of the heel.

To remove the shoe tree from your shoes, push gently on the heel to exert a little pressure on the spring and thus slide the shoe tree out of your shoe.


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Varnished Beechwood Shoe Trees.

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  • Shape : Classic
  • Category : Shoe Trees
  • Use : Shoe Care

Varnished Beechwood Shoe Trees for Men

The varnished beechwood shoe trees maintain the shape of men’s leather shoes.

The varnished beechwood shoe trees are a favourite among leather shoe lovers for maintaining the shape of formal shoes. With daily use, these shoe trees prevent the leather from slumping and creasing to keep your shoes in pristine condition. Chosen for its strength and durability, the smooth, varnished beechwood makes it easy to slide the shoe trees into your formal shoes. It mimics the shape that your foot gives to the shoe in order to preserve the quality of the leather. The beechwood surface is perforated for quicker absorption of perspiration and moisture while the strength and flexibility of its spring stems make the shoe trees very easy to use. With its classic, slightly rounded shape, these shoe trees are perfect for rarely worn leather shoes, or if you own many pairs, as it dries out the leather faster while you’re not wearing them.

Use your varnished beechwood shoe trees to hold the shape of your shoes as soon as you take them off, or for easier handling during shoe care. To place a shoe tree into your shoe, simply slide the front section down into the shoe without forcing it. Remember to keep one hand on the front of the shoe while the other hand inserts the shoe tree. After placing shoe tree as far as it can go, squeeze on its sides through the leather to insert it a bit further in order to exert enough tension on the leather. Then, squeeze the shoe tree to compress its spring stems and slide it down to the bottom of the heel. This will ensure that the leather stays in shape each time you use your shoe tree. To remove the shoe tree, push gently on the heel to compress the spring stems and pull it upwards to easily slide it out of the shoe without damaging the leather.

This shoe tree is lightweight enough to carry along with you when travelling and won’t overload your suitcase. Store your shoe trees in a dry place away from sunlight when not in use.
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