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Saphir Violet Suede Renovator Spray

This lightly pigmented spray revives the colour of your suede or nubuck to intensify the original colour. This renovator also protects by acting as a barrier against moisture. Details
9 19 reviews

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How to use this product.

The bottle allows for several treatments. Tested and approved in Monsieur Chaussure workshops.

Precaution for use: Place yourself in a ventilated room and also protect your work surface before starting to use the product.
Use on shoes that have been dusted with a Monsieur Chaussure scraper and thoroughly cleaned of dirt with Monsieur Chaussure cleaning spray. The purpose of the renovation spray is twofold: to nourish and to re-pigment the suede to hide the wear creases.

On a clean suede, spray the product 30 cm from the shoe and find around it so that it is completely covered. If your pair has elastic bands, protect them with double-sided tape to avoid staining them. Make sure you spread the spray evenly and allow it to dry for 15 minutes before moving on to the next step. Brush the suede with the brass brush in both directions for a perfect finish.

You can finish the care with Monsieur Chaussure waterproofing to protect it from external aggressions.

Keep your bottle in a dark and cool room.

19 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 19 reviews from verified buyers.

Claire C. Verified buyer MONTREUIL, Jan 20 2023
Youthful look

After using the cleaning spray, brushing with the scraper, I sprayed the sapphire spray and my shoes regained the intensity of their original color

Anne K. Verified buyer HAGUENAU, Dec 25 2022
purple suede salomés

Not satisfied with this product. I bought it to treat purple suede shoes, a purple that leaned more towards blue (like the spray). Once the product was applied, the shoes turned a burgundy purple, so in the red range. This is not the expected result! And it's not reversible!

Sylvie A. Verified buyer CARNOUX EN PROVENCE, Nov 20 2022
Excellent product

I was able to revive the color of my purple bagExcellent quality of the spray

Eliane B. Verified buyer Amblainville, Jan 31 2021
Nice color

Restores color. Small problem with the aerosol, we got our fingers in it

Catherine B. Verified buyer RUCA, Oct 22 2020
sapphire purple suede renovator

Fast shipping, reasonable shipping cost, very satisfactory product

Anne-Marie G. Verified buyer SOUSTONS, Jan 25 2020
Suede care

Perfect product for preserving the grain and velvety texture of suede, especially for colors a little special the product is TOP.

Monique D. Verified buyer ROYAUCOURT, Dec 17 2019
Purple suede renovator SAPHIR

I'm happy to have finally found an effective product that matches the color I chose. To be renewed of course....

Sylvie B. Verified buyer SICCIEU ST JULIEN, Sep 22 2019
purple renovator

The color is as expected: purple: my shoes are back for a new season!

Isabelle B. Verified buyer VOUREY, Jul 29 2018

Purple color sought, found.

Victor L. Verified buyer ST ETIENNE, Apr 17 2018
Excellent product

easy and uniform distribution of color, softened leather. I recommand it!

Maryse B. Verified buyer Nantes, Jan 26 2017
Purple Renovator

Excellent product. The color is beautiful. It's really a purple. And the transaction is perfect.

Michèle J. Verified buyer BIEVRES, Jan 12 2016
original color

I am very satisfied with the quality of your products. I will not hesitate to come back to your site as soon as I always need products that I do not necessarily find in distributors: in particular aerosol cans for suede, I like color and quickly colorless is not enough if you like the original colors. THANKS !

Sonia T. Verified buyer AVIGNON, Oct 12 2015
deep purple

This renovating spray is effective on purple, plum, and perhaps navy nubuck to add depth. It is covering but does not cake the skin. I used it in particular on ballerinas which have patent leather parts, I just had to wipe the patent parts. The color is a true purple. Wear gloves and spray in a cardboard box. And do this outside or with the windows open (solvents toxic to the lungs). Don't forget to purge the valve by spraying upside down for a few seconds before storing.

Anne-Charlotte R. Verified buyer Vaison la romaine, Jun 26 2015

The renovator is really purple, don't trust the sticker which shows blue. Great product my boots are like new. After cleaning, brushing and spraying, here I am with new shoes. I recommend, it's magical, I am very happy with my purchase.

Yves G. Verified buyer PARIS, Mar 10 2015
Excellent product

After use the result is convincing. Beautiful color, nothing to say, other than congratulations.

Marylène B. Verified buyer TAPONNAT, Jan 11 2015

I was a little scared when I saw the blue color patch, and the name “purple” on the product. the product is very purple.

Francoise Le H. Verified buyer braslou, Dec 07 2014
purple renovator

2nd order from you of this product which is perfect 10/10

Guillaume M. Verified buyer Merville, Jul 01 2014

The color of the pellet looks more like navy blue than purple, be careful when purchasing!!After-sales service response: The colors of the pellets are given to us by the manufacturers. However, the colors of the screens are more or less faithful to reality.

Géraldine V. Verified buyer Sedan, Jan 31 2014
purple renovator

Am still waiting for my order, I hope the color is purple and not blue like in the photo


Find all the details for the product:

Saphir Violet Suede Renovator Spray.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Colour range : Blue / Purple
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : Suede & Nubuck
  • Type : Spray
  • Volume : 200 ml
  • Use : Hydrating & Recoloring
  • Weight : 0,175 g
  • Length : 5,1 cm
  • Width : 5,1 cm
  • Height : 18,7 cm

Saphir Violet Renovetine Suede Spray

The violet Renovetine suede spray by Saphir nourishes and protects suede or nubuck shoes.

The violet suede renovator spray by Saphir nourishes and recolours your suede shoes to keep them looking their best. It contains almond oil to deeply hydrate the suede and prevent it from drying out. This brings a great suppleness to the suede which helps prevent creases from permanently marking its surface. The suede spray also contains strong pigments to revive the colour intensity of your suede shoes and to recolour any faded out areas, thus restoring that brand new look. The Revovetine spray waterproofs suede and nubuck by creating a transparent protective layer that protects against moisture and grease stains.

Never apply the renovator spray directly to your suede item without cleaning it beforehand. Use the product in a well-ventilated area and be sure to cover any objects of value to protect them. Spray the product at a 30cm distance from the suede surface, making sure to cover it evenly. Allow to dry for 15 minutes, then brush the suede with a crepe brush to fluff up the nap and restore its typical look. For rainy weather, complete your suede care with a waterproofing product in addition to the Saphir suede renovator. 

Store your Saphir suede renovator in a cool place, away from light to increase its shelf life.
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