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Clean and protect your Dr Martens shoes

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How to care for your Dr Martens with the right shoe polish: Complete guide
In this article, discover the secrets of waxing your Dr. Martens to keep your boots looking like new.
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Dr Martens shoe polish, for shoes that shine

Dr. Martens shoes have earned a worldwide reputation for their durability, iconic style and unrivalled comfort. However, to maintain these exceptional features over time, regular care is essential.

Care minimises the appearance of marks and scratches, while preserving the quality of the leather for years to come.

With this in mind, the right shoe polish plays a crucial role. Choosing the right shoe polish for your Dr. Martens is important for their appearance and durability.

Maintenance should take no more than 20 minutes.

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Step 1: Prepare your Dr Martens shoes

Before you start, protect your work surface with a cloth to prevent stains.

Remove the laces and clean them separately.

Remove dirt from your boots by wiping them with a Mr Shoe scraper to remove dust and surface dirt.

This step is suitable for leather and suede boots.

Brush the entire upper briskly in both directions.

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Step 2: Clean your leather Dr Martens

Apply cleansing milk with a chamois cloth all over your shoes. You can apply several coats of cleanser to remove all the dirt and other shoe polish residue.

Apply in circular motions to spread the cleaner evenly over the entire surface.

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Step 3: Nourish and shine your shoes

Using a clean chamois, take a small amount of Monsieur Chaussure shoe polish. Apply a thin layer over the entire surface of the shoe. The shoe polish can also be applied to the tongue.

Concentrate on marks and scuffs, making sure the product is evenly distributed. Do not apply more than one coat to avoid saturating the leather. Once you've evened out the colour and nourished the leather, you can move on to the polishing stage.

Using a paddle brush, apply the polishing paste to the entire shoe, including the tongue. To activate the properties of the wax, brush with a polishing brush. As the polishing brush passes over the shoe, the wax will begin to shine. Your shoes will therefore be shiny and protected against rain and external aggression.

You don't need to use waterproofing sprays to protect them from the elements.

Your shoes will look as good as new, and you can change the laces for a better finish.

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Suede: care tips

Before cleaning, for suede, nubuck or suede calf Dr Martens, use a brass brush to remove accumulated dirt. These areas are often blackened.

Clean them with cleaning spray and the scraper. You can then use a shampoo to clean thoroughly.

Shampoos remove all dirt quickly and effectively. After cleaning, nourish the suede with a renovation spray. The spray can be colourless or coloured to suit your needs. We recommend colouring it to match the colour of your shoes.

Spray the renovator over the entire shoe at a distance of 30cm. Then break up in both directions of the pile with a brass brush. This step will restore the original look of your Dr Martens.

After this step, finish the care by waterproofing them with Monsieur Chaussure waterproofing spray.

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Professional tips for looking after your Doc Martens

We've got some professional tips for keeping your Dr Martens looking their best, even between polishing sessions.

Firstly, to correct any scratches or cracks, use a little renovating cream. Choose a cream that matches the colour of your shoes and spread it over the scratched areas. You can apply the product with a chamois cloth to fill in the scratches. You can then continue with the regular maintenance of your Dr Martens.

To keep your Doc Martens clean, gently tap the sides of your boots together between polishes. This will remove any dried mud. You can brush them with a Mr Shoe scraper. It takes two seconds and makes all the difference!

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