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Clean and protect your white fabric sneakers.

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Marks on your fabric trainers? Our solutions!
Discover all our tips for cleaning your white fabric trainers.
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In this article, you'll discover the 4 key steps to cleaning and protecting your white trainers. You'll be able to keep your white sneakers sparkling for longer. You won't have to worry about getting them dirty or damaged.
Thanks to Mr Chaussure's advice, you'll double the life of your white fabric shoes. They'll be with you all spring and summer! They'll remain an essential part of your wardrobe. You'll have no excuse not to wash your white trainers regularly.
The key to keeping your shoes as white as the 1st day is regular care. We recommend cleaning them about once a month.
Before you start, we'd like to remind you of a few rules of caution. There are many different models of sneakers, of varying production and quality. It's important to test a hidden part of the trainer before each step.
All the products and accessories listed are available in a complete maintenance kit. There's no need to add extras like baking soda or use the washing machine.

Cleaning and protecting your fabric trainers

Step 1: Prepare your white trainers and wash the laces

Before applying the cleaning products, you need to put a shoe tree in your trainers. The shoe tree will stretch the fabric and make it easier to reach narrow areas when cleaning.

Next, remove all the dust from the trainers. To do this, use Monsieur Chaussure's universal brush and brush the pair of trainers vigorously.

A few minutes is all it takes to remove all the excess dust and surface dirt. Your shoes are now ready to receive the cleaning products.

While you're cleaning, place your laces in a bowl with a little Monsieur Chaussure' sneaker cleaner and water. Leave them to soak while you clean.

Cleaning and protecting your fabric trainers

Step 2: Clean the sole

To start cleaning your trainers, we recommend that you clean the soles.

To do this, you can use the two cleaners in our range. Both have solvent-free, coconut oil-based formulas to clean without damaging. The foam cleanser comes pre-measured, unlike the liquid cleanser where you need to mix the water and cleanser yourself.

Apply the sneaker cleaner of your choice to the Mr Shoe sole brush. Thanks to its polypropylene bristles, this brush is just the right amount of stiffness to effectively remove soles without damaging them.

You can brush for a few minutes until you achieve the desired level of cleanliness. Wipe off any excess product with the sneaker towel.

Cleaning and protecting your fabric trainers

Step 3: Cleaning the upper of your white trainers

Step 3: Cleaning the upper of your white trainers
Now clean the upper of your white fabric trainers.

We advise against using bicarbonate of soda in addition to the cleaner. Applying this product can cause undesirable chemical reactions and result in yellow stains on the fabric.

It's also not advisable to put them in the washing machine, as this can distort them. White can also absorb the colours of the trainers if you wash more than one pair.

To clean your fabric sneakers, use Monsieur Chaussure's universal brush with the same cleaner as in the previous step.

Soak the bristle of the brush in the cleaner, then brush the sneaker vigorously. It is normal to see the fabric darken when the cleaner is applied. You'll see the effect when the shoe is completely dry.

You can make numerous passes with the brush and the cleaner without damaging the fabric or discolouring it.

Once you've reached the desired level of cleanliness, use the sneaker towel to wipe the entire shoe. Leave to dry for several hours to ensure the trainers are completely dry.

Cleaning and protecting your fabric trainers

Step 4: Protect your white trainers

The best way to keep your white trainers in good condition is to protect them, making them weatherproof. Above all, it prevents dirt from becoming embedded in the fabric, making future cleaning easier.

Spray a dose of Monsieur Chaussure waterproofing spray over the entire shoe from a distance of 30 cm. Then leave to dry for a few minutes to allow the product to soak into the fabric.

Wipe the laces with a clean cloth to restore their original shine. Spray the laces with waterproofing spray and replace them on your trainers.

And that's it, your shoes are protected and clean!

Cleaning and protecting your fabric trainers

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