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Cleaning and protecting your car's alcantara.

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3 steps to thoroughly clean and protect your alcantara car seats.
Find out how to care for alcantara, a very popular material in the automotive world.
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Introduction to alcantara care

Alcantara used to be the preserve of luxury and sports cars. In recent years, Alcantara has been democratised because of its aesthetic appeal and all-weather comfort. This fabric is increasingly being used in car upholstery.

It is made from a blend of polyester and polyurethane. Its appearance is very similar to suede. Alcantara is therefore a fabric that needs special attention to increase its longevity.

In this article, you'll discover all our methods for effectively cleaning your car's Alcantara, while maintaining its quality and lustre. You'll need to follow a few simple steps and use the right products to maintain its soft appearance.

All advice given applies to all areas, including Alcantara seats.

All the products mentioned in this article are available from our website. They are made in France and have a solvent-free formula to preserve your car's upholstery.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery

How often should you clean your car's Alcantara?

Dust, crumbs, sebum and other stains are easy to find in a car. As a result, the car's upholstery quickly becomes soiled, affecting the feel of the materials. In our case, Alcantara loses its shine over time and its feel is altered by dirt.

That's why we recommend regular maintenance. About once a month to prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the fabric.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery

Step 1: Remove the dust from your car's upholstery

You can dust in two stages. The first is to use a low-intensity vacuum cleaner to remove most of the dust and crumbs. We recommend that you do this mainly on the seats, in areas that cannot be reached with a brush.

If there are no crumbs, a simple dusting with the Bōme cleaning brush will suffice. Brushing removes all surface dirt before deep cleaning. Brushing the Alcantara with a soft bristle brush in a circular motion will restore its original feel.

Once the fabric is completely free of surface dirt, you can move on to the cleaning stage.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery

Step 2: Clean your car's alcantara

To clean, you'll need to use a specialist cleaning product. Bōme's cleaning and descaling foam and cleaning brush are the duos we recommend.

Apply the foam directly to the cleaning brush. Then rub in circular motions over the entire area to be cleaned. You can clean all areas where alcantara is present: the steering wheel, seats, armrests, etc.

The action of the foam and movement will capture the dirt. The original white foam will gradually turn grey. You can make several passes over the same area without risk of damaging or discolouring the fabric. The foam is made from natural active ingredients and contains no solvents. This composition makes it non-aggressive while guaranteeing deep cleaning.

Once you've achieved the desired level of cleanliness, you can remove the excess foam with a towel or microfibre cloth. The cleaning foam is non-drying, so there's no need to wait before moving on to the next steps.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery

Step 3: Protect your car's alcantara

To complete the maintenance of your alcantara car upholstery, you need to protect the material. This is an important step.

As well as providing protection against moisture and water on the fabric. It leaves a protective film against dirt. This prevents stains from soaking into the fabric, making future maintenance much easier.

To protect, spray Bōme protective spray generously all over the areas to be protected. You can repeat the operation between two cleanings to reinforce the protection. After application, leave for about ten minutes before sitting down or touching the upholstery.

The protective spray is gas-free, so you can keep it safely in your glove compartment or boot.

Clean and protect your leather upholstery

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