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Back to work : Each man has his own style!

Now that holidays are coming to an end for most of us, it is now time to serenely come back to work.
Each style has a typical outfit, whether you are a business man, a student, or a fan of casual looks, Monsieur Chaussure has found a few pieces that will highlight your look during that day.
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Choose a suit: A shirt, trousers, and a blazer. It is a classic yet timeless look, and will save you on many levels, especially if it perfectly fits your body shape.

We tend to go for navy blue and light grey rather than black (a little too ordinary for our taste). You can even mismatch them if your work environment allows you to do so. A nice white shirt is always the best alternative, plus, it enhances your tan after your holidays. Let an inch or two of the shirt peak out of the blazer, and unbutton the top of the collar to let it breathe. You can wear the same colour for the blazer as well as the trousers, or totally mismatch them if you want to!


The choice of shoes is quite vast. You have many options since you can choose among Oxfords, derbies, and many other pairs. It is up to you to decide on the one you want to wear. You can definitely find the best pairs at De Lauré.

Shoes for men


The ultimate step: accessories. For a finished look, you will need some details that will make all the difference. First and foremost, a bag. We recommend you to go for a leather briefcase. The belt has to match your shoes, stay discreet, and classic, all at once. A watch is definitely a must since it perfectly represents elegance.

Choose a dial that corresponds to your wrist size, with shades such as white. For materials, the leather band is still on fashion, and steel, still a safe bet, just choose. The last but not least detail are the socks. This element may seem insignificant and useless for some, but socks are definitely a real accessory when it comes to men’s fashion.

Not only good quality socks bring warmth and comfort, but they also bring an original touch to your attire. You can also go for classic ones such as black or navy, or for some colour like red, light pink, or garden green.


In a professional environment, you will need to stay dressed soberly. You can wear white, black, navy t-shirts though. If you want more coloured ones, choose high quality materials. We also recommend wearing a shirt (avoid patterns though). For a more casual touch, choose a mandarin, rounded, officer, or French collar. You can wear wool blazers which are softer.

For trousers, choose chinos, or some raw denim.


For shoes, go for chukka boots since suede is a more casual material, or even derbies. Navy blue, brandy, and beige are more casual shades that are still appropriate for summer.

How to clean suede shoes


For bags, pick a satchel or a briefcase with brandy shades for a vintage touch; Socks are also an important element of you outfit. Wear colours, it is still summer! A watch is definitely a basic, and we definitely prefer pure designs. Another accessory that we love is the Arabic scarf which is super handy since temperatures will start changing very soon. You can go for coloured patterns or more classical versions of the scarf.


Students generally have limited budgets. We highly recommend having good basics that can be worn on different occasions. When coming back to Uni on the first day, it is generally the best day to introduce yourself to new people and connect with your professors. It is therefore important to be well-dressed.

The first step of the wardrobe of a student is the white t-shirt. It is a basic that helps on so many levels. You can wear it with an unbuttoned shirt and some raw jeans and an old black leather jacket (or leatherette for smaller budgets), and there you have it! You can also go for a bomber or denim jacket.


For shoes, you are free to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Trainers and sneakers will be perfect and are still fashionable since many years now. The Gazelle by Adidas have imposed themselves since the last seasons, and are the perfect casual shoes.


For accessories, a backpack is a must, to hold your notebooks and other personal stuff. A steel watch brings an elegant masculine touch to the outfit as well. There many affordable options at Casio and Nixon.

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