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Cleaning and protecting a suede bag

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Suede's fragility is both its charm and its constraint, because preserving its splendour requires special care.
Today, the suede bag has become a fashion essential. It goes with every style and complements all your outfits, whether casual or professional. Find out how to preserve its unique softness and shine!
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Perfect with all your outfits

Suede is a luxurious and elegant material that adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit. However, to preserve its natural beauty and durability, proper care is essential. Whether you've just acquired a new suede bag or are looking to spruce up an existing one, this guide will reveal the secrets to caring for your precious suede accessory.

Before you start looking after your suede bag, make sure you're in a well-ventilated room and protect your work surface.

Clean suede bag

Tip 1: Dust off your suede bag

Empty your bag so that you can easily reach every corner of your suede bag. Using a boar bristle scraper, brush the whole of your bag. The brush will remove dust and surface dirt. Your suede will be free of the dust that dulls the colour and changes the feel.

The boar bristles are designed not to scratch your handbag, even if you brush vigorously. So you can use the brush without risk.

This step prepares your bag to receive the cleaning products for deep cleaning.

Clean suede bag

Tip 2: Shine to clean a blackened suede bag

Polishing the suede is an important part of cleaning a suede bag.

When the bag is rubbed against clothing, the suede hairs become deposited and in some cases can turn black. These areas are often found around the handles of the bag or on the back of the bag. These areas are in constant contact with your clothes.

To remove the blackened appearance, use a brass brush. A brass brush is made up of two parts: brass bristles and nylon bristles. The combination of bristle types means that even the most sensitive bucks can be effectively cleaned. The brass bristles are reserved for cleaning certain stubborn stains and dust.

After brushing, the area is lightly bleached. At the end of the cleaning process, it returns to its original appearance.

Clean suede bag

Tip 3: Clean your suede bag

The cleaner can be used on all shades of your suede bag without risk of altering the colour.

Spray a generous amount of suede spray cleaner all over the bag. The suede will darken with the application of the spray cleaner. This colour change is temporary. The original colour will be restored once the bag has dried.

Once the bag has been impregnated with the cleaner, brush it vigorously with the scraper. You can brush for a few minutes at a time to thoroughly shampoo the suede.

Once you've cleaned all sides of the bag, you can move on to the next step.

Clean suede bag

Tip 4: Renovate your suede bag

The Renovator nourishes and revives the suede. This is an essential step when cleaning your suede bag.

Never use a coloured renovator when cleaning your suede bag. Using a coloured renovator can transfer the colour of your bag to your jackets.

For risk-free care, use only a colourless renovator. Colourless Renovator will not change the colour or feel of your suede bag.

Spray the colourless renovator onto your bag and then rub in both directions with the brass brush. Rubbing in this way will restore the suede to its original look and soft feel. Your bag will look like new.

Repeat this process on all the surfaces of your bag.

Clean suede bag

Tip 5: Protect your suede bag

To finish cleaning your suede bag, protect it with waterproofing spray. Waterproofing spray has a dual function. It protects against rain and bad weather. It allows water to run off and prevents it from soaking into the suede.

The second function is to make future maintenance easier. The waterproofing spray deposits a protective film against the weather and dirt. The dirt stays on the surface and is therefore easier to remove the next time you use the scraper.

You can spray waterproofing between two maintenance jobs, the day before a rainy day, for extra protection.

Clean suede bag

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