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Polishing and Patent Leather Brush

Allows you to keep your glazes longer and dust off your patent leathers without risk thanks to its silky goat hair. This luxury brush is specially designed for varnished and glazed surfaces. Details
9 30 reviews

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How to use this product.

Use this brush when glazing to get a faster result than with a simple chamoisine, the glazing process is no different.

Can also be used to dust very sensitive leathers.

30 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 30 reviews from verified buyers.

Nick De R. Verified buyer London, Sep 11 2023


Alice D. Verified buyer BOURG DE PEAGE, Jul 22 2023
Very sweet

Very soft brush, good grip

Gatien S. Verified buyer Paris, Feb 20 2023


Jean D. Verified buyer Toulouse, Feb 16 2023

Nice quality

Wangermee W. Verified buyer Fos sur mer, Apr 09 2021
Superb brush

Very effective for shine

Richard V. Verified buyer Châtillon , Jan 03 2020
Icing brush

Very soft, non-scratching brush

Rudy M. Verified buyer Cerelles, Sep 10 2019

The best solution for browning ice cream

Jerome D. Verified buyer paris, Feb 01 2019

Easy to use, great result. Very satisfying purchase.

Chloe L. Verified buyer Vierzon, Dec 14 2018
Extremely soft

Allows you to polish the leather after glazing without damaging it. On delicate leathers it’s perfect

Michel B. Verified buyer ROUEN , Aug 17 2018
polishing brush

very effective

Baykal S. Verified buyer Montigny-le-Bretonneux, Apr 03 2018
tip Top

tip Top

Bruno M. Verified buyer paris, Feb 01 2017

to use without moderation

Gilles B. Verified buyer savigny le temple, Jul 11 2016
Much needed tool!!!

Good maintenance requires good tools and good products: here is an excellent example.

DOMINIQUE G. Verified buyer BAILLEUL, Dec 04 2015

complementary to the products

Benjamin C. Verified buyer Cavalaire sur Mer, Nov 06 2015
a disaster

the only purchase that I regret, a brush that loses its hair in large quantities with each use

Nicolas B. Verified buyer Clichy, Aug 01 2015
Nice brush :)

I hope she will work miracles ;), for the moment she hasn't worked much.

Laurent A. Verified buyer Neuilly-sur-Seine, Jul 25 2015
Very soft but sheds hair

Very soft brush but still loses many hairs 2 weeks after purchase.

Yohann M. Verified buyer BOISSY AUX CAILLES , Mar 09 2015
1st use

She's already losing her fears so I'm worried about the future. After-sales service response: it is normal for a brush to lose some hairs during the first few uses. Rub your brush on the corner of the table for a few seconds to blow out the few loose hairs, and the brush should not lose any more hairs after that.

Rémy B. Verified buyer Pessac, Feb 06 2015
Nice polishing brush but...

This product shines a polished shoe correctly but the result is not very convincing on icing. Nothing beats Madame's used nylon stockings... After-sales response: The goat hair brush is not used to make icing, but to clean it without scratching it. It is not possible to make icing with a brush.

AMAURY T. Verified buyer PARIS, Feb 04 2015

Effective product for icings

David R. Verified buyer Longeville les Saint-Avold, Sep 07 2014
Very soft.

Really very soft and flexible brush, totally suitable for patent shoes.

David T. Verified buyer SCHILTIGHEIM, Aug 24 2014

Either I didn't understand the use of this brush. Therefore it does not give the result I expected. I have much better results, with Madame's tapered stockings, to revive the glaze on my shoes.

Patrick F. Verified buyer FERQUES, Jun 19 2014
Excellent brush

Thank you for introducing me to this type of brush which I did not know existed until your site and which perfectly meets my expectations.

Damien M. Verified buyer Carnoux en Provence, Jun 05 2014
Very soflty

This polishing brush is very very flexible and gives a great result on my polished shoes.

Michaël R. Verified buyer Delle, May 22 2014

Very soft bristles, very good for maintaining icings! A few hairs lost on first use but not serious. After-sales service response: It is completely normal for hairs to come off during the first use. You can rub the brushes in your hands or on a table edge to remove loose hair. Once these hairs are gone, the brush should not lose any additional hairs.

Jean-Pierre M. Verified buyer SEVRIER, Apr 27 2014
New customer

The softness of horsehair is incredible. Absolutely perfect on beautiful icing: no risk of scratching the icing you have just made.

Eric R. Verified buyer VILLY BOCAGE, Feb 02 2014

A little sweetness for a beautiful frosting. A few lost hairs on first use, but nothing major.

Christophe B. Verified buyer Les Martres de Veyre, Jan 10 2014
No scratch

This is a brush that is flexible enough not to scratch the icing. Essential if you don't ice your shoes before each wearing (a bit tedious, no?).

Guillaume B. Verified buyer Reims, Nov 29 2013
Excellent product

Excellent brush. Very effective on patent leather.

Jean Francois T. Verified buyer Aug 22 2013
Absolutely brilliant

This brush is perfect for cleaning icing! Crazy soft, it is impossible to make the slightest scratch. A pure happiness !


Find all the details for the product:

Polishing and Patent Leather Brush.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Shape : Shine Brush
  • Category : Shoe Brushes
  • Use : Shining
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,129 g
  • Length : 13,8 cm
  • Width : 5,8 cm
  • Height : 4,2 cm

Shoe Shine Brush with Genuine Goat Hair by Monsieur Chaussure

The goat hair polishing brush shines all leather shoes and boots.

This polishing brush from Monsieur Chaussure is a truly luxurious brush for shining your smooth even your most delicate leather. Monsieur Chaussure has combined the finest materials to produce the best polishing brush you will ever find. The goat hair bristles of this brush are the most flexible, the softest and the finest material of all for shining your leather shoes without ever scratching or damaging them. The wood used is very dense and is painted and varnished in black, giving an excellent grip quality to this medium-sized brush. It is also suitable for flat leather shoes or boots.

Use the Monsieur Chaussure polising brush to conclude the upkeep of your leather shoes or boots. Complete the look of your leather by applying a shoe polish over a nourishing shoe cream. This will waterproof your shoes and give them an intense shine due to the activation of the beeswax. After applying the shoe polish, use your polishing brush to give your leather a long-lasting and intense shine. Brush the leather using wide and quick strokes. The goat hair used for this brush is so soft that it will never damage even the most delicate of your smooth leather shoes. You can use the brush daily to remove any dust and revive the shine of your shoes.

Maintenance: brush the brushes together to clean them without using any cleaning product or water.
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