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White Shoe Cover-Up Dye
  • White Shoe Cover-Up Dye
  • White Cover-Up Dye

White Cover-Up Dye

Allows you to intensely recolor your trainers & sneakers. This product is used on a renovation or for a personalization of your trainers & sneakers. Details
9 80 reviews

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The covering dye is used on previously dusted and cleaned leather.

Shake the bottle well before opening. To color a specific area, apply the dye in small touches with the brush on the damaged part of the leather to restore its beautiful appearance. To restore color to the total surface of the leather, be sure to use the sponge in order to obtain an even result. Let dry after application. If you are not satisfied with the result obtained, repeat the operation.

We advise you to continue with a complete maintenance of the leather using a cream and a shoe polish in order to protect your leather.

80 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 80 reviews from verified buyers.

Isabelle J. Verified buyer Lille , May 18 2024

Dye purchased to renovate white Nikes badly damaged by I don't know what product. The leather was cracked and yellowed as if colored by coffee... No amount of shoe polish could fix it. So I tried this white dye and I must admit that it is very effective. I had to put several layers on it but I expected that. The dye makes the leather slightly shiny but it's not visible on the foot and it fades over time. For the moment, it's holding up really well and I'm completely satisfied. If the task reappears, I will reapply because there is plenty to do. I applied it with a brush even though the stain was around 5 cm2 and it was perfect.

Sylvie B. Verified buyer GORGES, May 01 2024
Sneaker dye

Very good product, I dyed sneakers, originally beige and gold and the result is stunning, a beautiful uniform white

Cyril G. Verified buyer Paris, Apr 23 2024


Mohamed N. Verified buyer Bobigny, Apr 03 2024
White covering dye

Excellent product perfectly suited to my pair of sneakers.The repair was excellent

Jean Noel P. Verified buyer Saint Thurial, Feb 21 2024

good product

Bruno T. Verified buyer saint-nazaire, Jan 20 2024

Perfect product for the shoes I had already purchased and I really recommend it if you want to give a new shine to your shoes

Juliette De B. Verified buyer Paris, Oct 29 2023

Perfect for rewhitening

Matthias F. Verified buyer MONTAGNY, Oct 02 2023


Danièle C. Verified buyer ST ETIENNE, Sep 16 2023
Excellent product

My grandson's sneakers were very damaged. The dye made his sneakers look like the first day.

Vanessa Di C. Verified buyer VILLERS LES NANCY, Aug 23 2023
Perfect product

Very happy with my purchase, following very damaged white leather sneakers, I bought this product, which covers perfectly well, application with a brush or sponge is very easy. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I gave my sneakers a facelift.

Francette C. Verified buyer villereau, Jul 17 2023
Great product

Excellent result on sandals. They are like new. This product is awesome.

Christine R. Verified buyer Saint Pierre du Regard, Jul 06 2023
Original beige basketball dye

Very good result

Francis P. Verified buyer Guyancourt, Jun 28 2023

The solution when the cleaner fails to bring back the original white

Rémi G. Verified buyer Chazay d'Azergues, Jun 21 2023
White covering dye

At the top for Stan Smith.

Claire G. Verified buyer Paris, May 26 2023
Very good product

The tincture is very effective. The brush and sponge allow you to dye the shoes correctly in stages. I was finally able to avoid putting my sneakers in the trash! I recommend

Frederic G. Verified buyer Fondettes, Apr 20 2023
Easy to apply and good covering power

Used on slightly worn leather shoes and good application.

Helene C. Verified buyer Paris, Mar 06 2023
Sneakers like new

Amazing product, my two year old 1083 sneakers came out like new. Very practical to spread with the small sponge, however the small brush provided loses its bristles.

Soufflet M. Verified buyer Cambrai , Feb 23 2023
Magical product!!

This product saved my sneakers.

Rémi G. Verified buyer Chazay d'Azergues, Jan 29 2023
Perfect for renovating

With all the tools to do it.

Nelly F. Verified buyer Le Longeron, Jan 18 2023
White dye

Dyeing restores sneakers to new condition. Small downside on the brush which lacks hairs for precision

Mathieu B. Verified buyer Poussan, Dec 30 2022
Product works quite well

Great bleached product, pretty good I did just one coat the result is great however it doesn't work at all on the sole

Justine P. Verified buyer DIJON, Dec 01 2022
product meeting my request

my sneakers are well renovated... let's see now how the product holds up over time

Marie Hélène C. Verified buyer SAINT VAAST EN CAMBRESIS, Nov 10 2022
Marie Helene

Product that is easy to use

Rémy K. Verified buyer CHATEAUNEUF GRASSE, Oct 27 2022

Very good product. Brush a little too thick for precise application.

Marie-Claude L. Verified buyer MILLY LA FORET, Jun 27 2022


Alexia R. Verified buyer Cap d'ail, Jun 25 2022
Quite effective

Quite effective product tested on leather handbag and white sneakers.

Ellen D. Verified buyer La Meziere, Jun 24 2022

Very disappointed, either the product is not great or I am using it incorrectly. In any case, the white film does not last over time and every time I clean and polish my shoes, it fluffs and comes off, revealing the brown leather. Let's see if we should strip the color first, but if that doesn't work either, it will be worse.

CARRIER E. Verified buyer CORTE, Jun 18 2022
Perfect !

Covering paint, very good quality and very easy to apply! My sneakers are like new!!

Stephanie C. Verified buyer Pau, May 13 2022
Excellent product

Good coverage. The leather was “bare in places”, like new again.

SARAH B. Verified buyer OLIVET, Dec 16 2021
For small touch-ups

Good for small touch-ups... remember to clean the brush after use!

Dominique T. Verified buyer st Etienne du grès, Nov 06 2021


Emmanuelle C. Verified buyer Tallone, Oct 18 2021

Good product, not too covering. For snags the small brush is very effective

Matthieu V. Verified buyer Clermont ferrand, Oct 10 2021
Sneaker dye

Perfectly covers the small defects in my sneakers

Fabienne R. Verified buyer Taurize, Sep 20 2021
very good product

Used to cover a pearly sheen on new sneakers, a single coat was enough for a perfect, matte white. No perspective yet on how long it lasts, but there is still plenty of product left to make other layers if necessary. Very easy application with the tools provided allowing careful and precise work.

Séverine B. Verified buyer DOUAI, Sep 04 2021
Magical product!

My daughter damages her sneakers a lot and at the price of her shoes I can't see myself buying them every 2 months. So I tried this product on his Nikes. As they were very grated I did not use the brush but directly the sponge. The product is more liquid than I expected and it took 3 coats for the result to be conclusive but the result is there. The shoes have been given a new lease of life and are now wearable.

Sandrine M. Verified buyer Porto-Vecchio, Jul 13 2021
Covering stain

Perfect for restoring aging white leather 2 coats were enough Impeccable result

Michele C. Verified buyer sete, Jun 14 2021


Alexandre M. Verified buyer Evreux, May 10 2021
Almost perfect

Nothing to say! in 2 coats my pair is like new

Jeanne Le M. Verified buyer Caen, Apr 22 2021
Perfect value for money

An effective covering dye for damaged sneakers! I recommend

AURELIE F. Verified buyer ST LEONARD, Apr 16 2021
Great product

I recommend to ????. A single coat is enough to restore the white of my Superstars, which have yellowed over time. I do not regret my purchase

Marie A. Verified buyer LA ROCHE SUR YON, Apr 08 2021

Used on smooth leather. Allows effective retinting after using the stripper

Natan M. Verified buyer SILLANS LA CASCADE , Mar 19 2021
White dye

I ordered a white dye for the first time and frankly I am very happy with the result. I recommend.

Julie V. Verified buyer Grasse, Mar 16 2021
White covering dye

Good product !

Valentine M. Verified buyer Sort en Chalosse, Mar 04 2021
Fits perfectly

I used this product on suede that had yellowed and it gave me a pretty clean leather effect that allows me to wear my shoes again! Small downside, the product cracks a few after a few days of use...

Muriel D. Verified buyer Nice , Feb 23 2021

Perfectly resurface sneakers

Quentin L. Verified buyer Berbiguieres, Feb 10 2021
Great product

Great product, my well-worn shoes are like new, I bought the dye without much hope, really surprised!

VICTOR N. Verified buyer Eyragues, Jan 22 2021
To recommend

Very good product, 3 passes for me to return my white sneakers to the new appearance. Perfect application accessories.

Isabelle L. Verified buyer TOULOUSE, Jan 17 2021
Like New !

I bought second-hand sneakers to “hang out”, after seeing the video on the site, I ordered the appropriate products without really believing in them and now the same sneakers are on my feet to go to work because they look so good ! A little elbow grease and patience, I’m delighted! I'm going to order the black dye for my partner's shoes ;)

Olivier A. Verified buyer RACHECOURT, Nov 04 2020

very effective

Kallistee T. Verified buyer Paris, Oct 11 2020

Easy to use !

Jean-jacques D. Verified buyer Paris, Sep 21 2020

very good product I am satisfied with the result

Olivier R. Verified buyer Bordeaux, Jul 12 2020
Sneaker covering dye

Good product. And a perfect site for the renewal of your shoes.

Fabienne V. Verified buyer Vienne, Jun 08 2020
White shoe polish dye

Covers perfectly!

Sarah G. Verified buyer Lyon, Mar 12 2020

Delighted with this product, which is very easy to use and which can bring leather sneakers back to life in no time. I highly recommend.

Nicolas C. Verified buyer PARIS, Jan 30 2020
Very good product

Works very well for renovating sneakers

Michel R. Verified buyer CAEN, Jan 15 2020
Simply perfect to bring my “Zizi” back to life

I am of course not talking about anatomical attributes, but about shoes. The famous white Repetto adopted by Gainsbourg. Mine found a second lease of life with this covering dye. Do not hesitate to shake the bottle well to mix the pigments well. I've applied two coats and I still have enough to do at least two (or three) more maintenance operations. So it’s perfect and ultimately quite economical.

Yvan P. Verified buyer STRASBOURG, Nov 06 2019
30ml far too little!

In my experience I had to do it several times to cover my sneakers, i.e. 5-6 layers per day, far too little product! Shame!

Dear customer, the contents of one bottle are normally more than enough for several pairs. Take care to shake the bottle well before application, you are not supposed to apply several layers, just one is enough. If the product is too light, it must not be mixed sufficiently.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Thiven N. Verified buyer Les Pennes Mirabeau, Aug 11 2019
I recommend !

I renovated white sneakers with this dye! They are now like new! I highly recommend !

Margaux D. Verified buyer LE TEICH, Aug 06 2019

I bought the white dye to renovate my superstar which became brown after a year. I am very happy with the result. My sneakers look like new just with 1 coat!! There is enough in the bottle to use at least 4 times. Afterwards it remains to be seen if this holds up over time...

Marie Jeanne B. Verified buyer Beloeil, May 28 2019
Like new !

My sneakers are bright white again.

Anne Catherine C. Verified buyer SAINT MALO, May 21 2019

I renovated the children's sneakers as well as mine. in the top. It really gives you a second youth. I recommend this article

Celena R. Verified buyer BEAUPREAU, May 20 2019

I used the product, easy application. Looking forward to maintaining the color

DOMINIQUE B. Verified buyer LAPLEAU, May 12 2019
Great product

Great. This product allowed me to restore a pair of Puma sneakers left in the closet.

Jean-Loïc C. Verified buyer Les Essarts le Roi, Apr 15 2019
Good product

This is definitely the product I was looking for.

GILLES P. Verified buyer ANNECY, Apr 06 2019
covering dye

I just revamped my sneakers. That's great. I am very satisfied. I recommend this product.

Anita M. Verified buyer saint Joachim, Mar 12 2019
white dye

perfect very good product

Beatrice W. Verified buyer Lievin, Feb 21 2019
White covering dye for leather sneakers

Very good product, the sneakers are like new. I recommend

Olivier T. Verified buyer BESANCON, Feb 02 2019
Great product

This dye really has great covering power. The defects in the leather are masked without applying several layers and the result is breathtaking. The appearance is like new. I recommend

Léa C. Verified buyer TOULOUSE, Jan 24 2019

Very satisfactory product, fully fulfills its function Used to cover scratched white leather, impeccable result the shoe appears new, Used on older Stan Smiths, it gave them a new lease of life! I recommend this easy to use product

Fabien C. Verified buyer eyguieres, Jan 17 2019

Does the job, I'm waiting for the rain to see the outfit

Vincent J. Verified buyer REIMS, Jan 07 2019
Test on Stan Smith = ok!

I tested the dye because I wanted to give new life to my Stan Smiths. I was absolutely not disappointed. Very good covering power, it's perfect. Fast delivery from Monsieur Chaussure what’s more!

Françoise H. Verified buyer Bruxelles, Dec 15 2018
white covering stain

Poor coverage, am very disappointed

Dear customer, on certain specific leathers it may be necessary to apply several coats. Also remember to shake the bottle well before use. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact our after-sales service for some advice.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Jennifer D. Verified buyer Joué Lès Tours, Dec 13 2018
More than average hold...

I tinted the tips of my new white Stan Smiths which had a grass stain on them. The dye covers very well and is easy to use. But the first time I put them on, the dye cracked everywhere (driving: it bends the shoe a little). I regret my purchase...

Dear customer, this stain is not supposed to crack. Before application, remember to prepare the support leather well for good hold. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact our after-sales service for further advice.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Mohamed S. Verified buyer Marseille, Oct 29 2018
Great product

Helped me renovate my white sneakers tarnished by time. Easy to use. I recommend !

Axel D. Verified buyer Lyon, Oct 14 2018

Used on white Paul Smith sneakers which had scratches on the toe. The result is satisfactory, to see now over time :)

Gloria B. Verified buyer équancourt, Aug 08 2018


Christophe R. Verified buyer Grenoble, Jul 27 2018

Very good for giving new life to your white sneakers

Mirella C. Verified buyer GUEMENE PENFAO, Jun 07 2018

I used this product for my Stan Smith super they were all yellowed and they have become white again, it's magical!!,, and easy to use

Dominique B. Verified buyer VIELLE ST GIRONS, May 17 2018
White dye

I am very satisfied with this product. which allowed me to re-dye my white leather sneakers which were very yellowed. The result is perfect, like new.! I highly recommend this product.

Nicolas C. Verified buyer Rouen, Apr 13 2018
Perfect !

Works just as well to restore shine to your leather sneakers


Find all the details for the product:

White Cover-Up Dye.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Colour range : Beige / White
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : Sneakers Only
  • Volume : 30 ml
  • Use : Dyeing
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,55 g
  • Length : 4,5 cm
  • Width : 6,7 cm
  • Height : 7,7 cm

Cover-Up Dye White for Sneakers Renovation

White shoe cover-up dye by Famaco recolours and protects damaged all sneakers.

Famaco's white colour cover-up dye helps to intensely recolour the leather of damaged, scuffed and dull sneakers. Cover-up dye has a high pigment content that also allows you to change the colour of your sneakers and personalise them as you please. The bottle of dye comes in a kit with two applicators: a brush to precisely repair and dye damaged areas, and a sponge to unify the dye across the entire surface of the leather. Famaco dye has high covering power and can be used to strengthen original colour or dye your sneakers and trainers damaged by the passage of time.

The cover-up dye should be applied to clean, dust-free leather. Shake the bottle well to mix before opening. To recolour a small area, apply the dye with small strokes of the brush to the damaged part of the leather to restore its appearance. To restore colour to the entire surface of the leather, use the sponge by dabbing the surface to even out the colour and appearance of the leather. Allow to dry after application. If the colour doesn't seem intense enough, you can add one or more layers of dye, making sure that you always allow the correct drying time. Always finish the dyeing process by caring for the leather by applying a nourishing, recolouring cream polish, and a wax polish for extra shine.

Store your shoe cover-up dye in a cool, dry place to ensure a long shelf life, and remember to tightly close the bottle cap.
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