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Teinture française Noir SAPHIR
  • Teinture française Noir SAPHIR
  • Teinture française Noir SAPHIR
  • Teinture française Noir SAPHIR

Saphir Navy Blue Shoe Dye 50ml

French dye designed for producing leather patinas. This format allows the patina of several pairs of shoes. Details
9 39 reviews

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How to use this product.

Before using the product on the entire surface of your leather, make sure you have stripped it first, we also advise you to do a first test on a hidden area to make sure of the color following the reaction.

Once you are satisfied with the result, apply a first coat of stain evenly, then let it dry for at least an hour before you can have a true idea of the final result. You can apply several more coats to get the result you want.

We advise you to finish the patina with a complete maintenance of the leather in order to protect it.

39 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 39 reviews from verified buyers.

Stéphane C. Verified buyer PERPIGNAN, Apr 19 2024
Sapphire Navy Blue Dye

HelloI received the dye which is indeed a good product. Easy to use and apply. The color matches what I expected. The only downside is that the packaging is too light. The product leaked during transport, causing half of it to be missing.

ANNE LE R. Verified buyer ST BRIEUC, Jan 16 2024

Only one shoe could be dyed on the pair and the result is not really navy. I'm hesitant to order another bottle to make the second shoe.

Nicolas P. Verified buyer OYONNAX , Apr 03 2023
Hoped dye

Very easy to use and desired shade,Happy with my purchase

Farid F. Verified buyer SALON DE PROVENCE, Nov 10 2022
Top dye

I previously bought dyes for my suede geox but without a brand Nothing to do This is my 2nd order from mr chaussures I highly recommend

Bruno M. Verified buyer Herblay, Nov 10 2022
a little too dark

the dye was applied several times because when it dried there remained traces of the old color the problem is that with the third coat we no longer see navy blue but the shoes are black without any blue reflection I So I bought you a lightener and I'm going to start the operation again

Stephane L. Verified buyer anglet, Jul 14 2022

Excellent product, my sneakers have regained their new appearance

VALERIE K. Verified buyer FONTAINE LA RIVIERE, Mar 25 2022

Very dense color, very easy application.

Lorenne R. Verified buyer Rueil Malmaison, Nov 04 2021
Nice color

One bottle is not enough if you wear size 40 or more

MYRIAM C. Verified buyer SEVRES, Oct 07 2021
good product

This product covers well I used it for a product of the same color on the other hand I didn't really like the application I used a cloth which makes the result more uniform especially on smooth leather otherwise it leaves traces of application then I applied a shoe polish with the same courage and the result is great

Patricia P. Verified buyer vierzon, Sep 20 2021

the dye satisfies me

Lou M. Verified buyer Angers, Aug 28 2021
good product

Nice color, doesn't work on stripped brown leather

Pauline B. Verified buyer Potigny, Aug 11 2021

Surprised by the result because it is very effective. I haven't worn the shoes again but they look great, I'm just afraid they'll rub off on my foot since they're canvas.

Jack V. Verified buyer St juste en chevalet, Aug 08 2021

But basketballs are like new ???? ????

Colette T. Verified buyer CHATEAUROUX, Jun 29 2021

Very easy to use and very effective.

Marie-Claire C. Verified buyer ST LAURENT DE CERDANS, May 24 2021
Shoe dye

Very good product, good coverage, I recommend it.

Seddik Z. Verified buyer Villabe, Apr 16 2021

Excellent product.

Christian S. Verified buyer La farlede , Mar 23 2021

excellent product, easy and very effective! excellent result!

Frederique B. Verified buyer Paris, Mar 03 2021

Good color on smooth leather, not enough coverage on suede

Vanessa C. Verified buyer DIJON, Feb 16 2021
Beautiful color

Very nice color (I took navy blue), I'm waiting to see if it stays on my suede boots and if it doesn't rub off.

FRANCK-XAVIER D. Verified buyer WATTRELOS, Jan 31 2021

Very good result on a blue base (leather), however on very light brown shoes, the result is not convincing. It is closer to black than blue.

Lionel R. Verified buyer Lyon, Dec 13 2020

The color of Kings

Mikael B. Verified buyer SAINT-MAURICE, Aug 16 2020

Beautiful color as expected. Small downside, the stamp is not very precise. Used for leather shoes but it stuck out on the white sole. The finishing touches should have been done with a cotton swab or something else... Otherwise very satisfied

Martine A. Verified buyer CLAPIERS, Jul 02 2020

I would have liked to read that the dyes were not compatible with metallic leathers. This would have saved me unnecessary expense and especially throwing away a pair of shoes in perfect condition. I hope this remark will be useful to others.

Dear customer, we specify in the description that the product is intended for smooth nubuck or suede leather. By indicating it in the first lines we thought that the information was sufficiently forward. We are escalating this issue to our web service to investigate a more visible location.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Rouger Jesn M. Verified buyer Marsillargues, Jun 24 2019
very satisfied

the product delivered was not the correct one. But the responsiveness of the customer service which immediately took into account my reporting email and which returned the correct product very quickly means that I am very satisfied despite this product incident.

Corine J. Verified buyer Nimes, Jun 01 2019


Francois B. Verified buyer Brugge, Nov 30 2018

What wonderful depth in this color. I tried to recover Churches which were very far away. I didn't achieve an optimal result because of a certain black stain on the leather that I couldn't get rid of, but the parts that I dyed blue looked superb. It almost makes you want to buy a pair of raw, undyed shoes and try to color them yourself. Thank you Mr shoes

MURIEL D. Verified buyer BRETTEVILLE SUR ODON, Apr 15 2018
Good product

I had light gray shoes that I dyed navy blue. The result is amazing

Sandrine U. Verified buyer Artigues près Bordeaux, Mar 06 2018

The coverage is very good. The only downside for me is the applicator which is not very practical.

Catherine PEJOUT T. Verified buyer MONTLUEL, Nov 23 2017

Super quality dye accompanied by its brush

Colette C. Verified buyer SAINT POL SUR TERNOISE, Nov 19 2017
Extra marine dye!

this product is really excellent, it covers really well and is easy to apply, delivery is fast as always; Very satisfied with my purchase

Michel B. Verified buyer Auriac L'église, Mar 20 2017

perfect product and delivery

Caqtherine P. Verified buyer gainneville, Jan 11 2017

perfect product

Christian P. Verified buyer Le Plessis Robinson, Feb 17 2016
Alright !

Good product meets my expectations. Quick delivery. Impeccable service!

Danielle D. Verified buyer banville, Jan 07 2016
sapphire navy blue dye

good product but I had to apply several layers to standardize and cover the original color which was light beige on nubuck (ankles). I hope the dye will hold over time. If not, easy to use.

Valerie R. Verified buyer bormes les mimosas, Nov 09 2015
nebuk shoe dye

Perfect color and application, I will recommend this product to those around me, the delivery time is just a little long.

Corinne C. Verified buyer BACHIVILLERS, Aug 22 2015


Hélène L. Verified buyer Fontaines sur saône, Jul 20 2015

very effective

Elisabeth J. Verified buyer Venoy, Mar 10 2015
very nice color

On light gray nubuck, a single coat was enough for a deep blue

Jean-Luc M. Verified buyer BEGLES, Jun 10 2014
Shoe Dye

Great, they're like new


Find all the details for the product:

Saphir Navy Blue Shoe Dye 50ml.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Colour range : Blue / Purple
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Materials
  • Type : Liquid
  • Volume : 50 ml
  • Use : Dyeing
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,80 g
  • Length : 6,3 cm
  • Width : 5,1 cm
  • Height : 12,5 cm

Saphir Navy Blue Shoe Dye for Patina Design 50ml

The navy blue Teinture Francaise shoe dye by Saphir (50ml) is ideal for colouring leather, nubuck and suede, or for creating your own patina.

The Saphir Teinture Francaise shoe dye helps you create a patina on your blue leather shoes by adding touches of navy blue to the base colour to sharpen the contrast. The navy blue dye can also recolour the entire surface of your leather shoes or small leather accessories such as belts, wallets and handbags. The dye is sold in a set that includes a pair of gloves and a cotton wick applicator. The Saphir Teinture Francaise shoe dye was first developed in 1872 and is still a favourite leather product among shoemakers and lovers of fine leather.

Use the Saphir navy blue shoe dye only on leather that has been cleaned or that has had its colour removed and ensure that you are in a well-ventilated area. The dye is intended for the occasional recolouring of specific areas of your shoes where the leather has been damaged by friction. It works to restore the new look of your leather shoes or other leather items such as a wallet. We recommend using this dye on untreated leather that you want to dye in navy blue, or on leather that has had its colour removed in preparation for dyeing. Test a bit of the dye on a hidden area to see how the leather reacts to the navy blue dye. It is important to test the dye beforehand since the same leather care products can produce very different results on different leather surfaces. If you are satisfied with the tested area, apply a thin and even first coat of dye and allow it to dry for at least one hour to determine the true colour. You can then apply additional coats to achieve a deeper navy blue, but be mindful of the one-hour drying time required after each coat. Once you are satisfied with the colour of your leather, you will need to complete the dyeing process with a full leather care treatment since leather becomes very dry when cleaned or dyed and needs to be softened and protected. Use a shoe cream to hydrate the leather. A coloured shoe cream will allow you to play on the undertones of the navy blue shade and enhance the patina. For hard leather items, complete the process with a shoe polish, which will waterproof and protect the leather against damage as well as give it a shine.

Tightly close the bottle cap of the dye to ensure proper conservation and store the dye in a cool, dry place.
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