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Saphir Navy Blue Shoe Dye 50ml


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The navy blue Teinture Francaise shoe dye by Saphir (50ml) is ideal for colouring leather, nubuck and suede, or for creating your own patina.

The Saphir Teinture Francaise shoe dye helps you create a patina on your blue leather shoes by adding touches of navy blue to the base colour to sharpen the contrast. The navy blue dye can also recolour the entire surface of your leather shoes or small leather accessories such as belts, wallets and handbags. The dye is sold in a set that includes a pair of gloves and a cotton wick applicator. The Saphir Teinture Francaise shoe dye was first developed in 1872 and is still a favourite leather product among shoemakers and lovers of fine leather.

Use the Saphir navy blue shoe dye only on leather that has been cleaned or that has had its colour removed and ensure that you are in a well-ventilated area. The dye is intended for the occasional recolouring of specific areas of your shoes where the leather has been damaged by friction. It works to restore the new look of your leather shoes or other leather items such as a wallet. We recommend using this dye on untreated leather that you want to dye in navy blue, or on leather that has had its colour removed in preparation for dyeing. Test a bit of the dye on a hidden area to see how the leather reacts to the navy blue dye. It is important to test the dye beforehand since the same leather care products can produce very different results on different leather surfaces. If you are satisfied with the tested area, apply a thin and even first coat of dye and allow it to dry for at least one hour to determine the true colour. You can then apply additional coats to achieve a deeper navy blue, but be mindful of the one-hour drying time required after each coat. Once you are satisfied with the colour of your leather, you will need to complete the dyeing process with a full leather care treatment since leather becomes very dry when cleaned or dyed and needs to be softened and protected. Use a shoe cream to hydrate the leather. A coloured shoe cream will allow you to play on the undertones of the navy blue shade and enhance the patina. For hard leather items, complete the process with a shoe polish, which will waterproof and protect the leather against damage as well as give it a shine.

Tightly close the bottle cap of the dye to ensure proper conservation and store the dye in a cool, dry place.

Colour: Navy blue

Volume: 50ml


Packaging material:

Shelf life:

Country of origin: France

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