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Leather Half Insoles

M. Chaussure

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The leather half insoles adjust the fit of your shoes and bring comfort to the front of your feet.

Leather and charcoal half-insoles are essential accessories to compensate for shoes that are slightly too large. They help to adjust the fit of the shoes by slightly raising the front part of the foot so the shoe is filled and fits better. The adjustment reduces rubbing on the heel and eases the front of the foot by absorbing shocks. The upper part of the half-insole is in perforated leather that effectively absorbs any moisture to keep your feet fresh and dry.

The leather heel pads can be used on all types of footwear. To stick the half insoles in your shoes, place the insoles at the front of your shoes with the leather side facing up. This is a unisex product that is particularly fancied by women for relieving pain at the front of the feet when wearing high heels.

Replace your half soles when they no longer provide shock resistance or when hard-to-remove stains appear on the leather.





Colour: Beige and black

Quantity sold: By the pair

Sizes available: From 35/36 to 45/46

Country of origin:

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