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Nettoyant daim FAMACO
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  • Nettoyant daim FAMACO
  • Famaco Suede Cleaner

Famaco Suede Cleaner

To effectively clean your suede without the risk of damaging it. This product removes greasy stains from your suede shoes. The cleaner ticks all the boxes of our Monsieur Chaussure quality charter. Details
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How to use this product.

Use the cleaner occasionally, only for stubborn stains on your shoes, suede boots or on a suede jacket.

Dust your suede beforehand using a scraper. Apply the cleanser using the applicator provided in the box. Gently rub the entire surface, then rinse the applicator with lukewarm water, use it again on stubborn stains. Then wipe the shoe with a clean cloth and let it dry.

We advise you to finish your maintenance with a renovator and a brass brush in order to obtain an optimal result.

50 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 50 reviews from verified buyers.

François Igor Z. Verified buyer Chevreuse , Jan 08 2024

Good product, effective.

Matthias F. Verified buyer MONTAGNY, Oct 02 2023
Not very practical

Not the best cleaner, more practical in aerosol

François M. Verified buyer Nantes, Jul 12 2023
And what’s more, it smells good!

Fast delivery and everything is quality. Thank you for the maintenance video guides, it’s very practical!

Frédéric H. Verified buyer ST REMY BLANZY, Jun 25 2023

When applied correctly, it eliminates stains on suede. Do not use too much product.

Quentin E. Verified buyer Linkebeek, Jun 14 2023
Great product

I needed a cleaner for my suede shoes. Completely meets my expectations

Samy B. Verified buyer Bruxelles , May 15 2023
Famaco suede cleaner

delivered with its brush, the cleaner for all your suede products

Bénédicte R. Verified buyer Brest, Mar 28 2023
Not bad

However, the spray cleaner is easier to use

Thomas D. Verified buyer brive, Feb 27 2023

removes traces of time on suede and nubuck

Anthony J. Verified buyer Thann, Jan 26 2023
Does his job well!

Top ! The product works well and the brush cleans the soles well. Caution: I still find that the brush is a little too aggressive to clean the stem.

Frédéric L. Verified buyer saint germain du bois, Jan 17 2023
I highly recommend

Very satisfied

Caroline D. Verified buyer THOMERY, Dec 28 2022
not tested

not tested yet

Alexandre C. Verified buyer Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Dec 24 2022
Alright !

Good product, nothing to add!

Rachel H. Verified buyer Bordeaux, Dec 17 2022
Very useful

Very useful for erasing small stains

Sebastien P. Verified buyer Bettembourg, Nov 03 2022

Incredible result

Raphaël R. Verified buyer Gosselies, Sep 07 2022
FAMACO suede cleaner

Does the job

Eduardo R. Verified buyer Madrid, Jul 27 2022
A good product

Excellent for daily care of suede shoes.

Liahona F. Verified buyer Montournais, Jul 02 2022

The product cleans well, the brush does not lose its bristles. I found cleaning more effective by mixing the product with a little water directly (instead of making a first pass with the product then dipping the brush in water and going over again).

Doguhan G. Verified buyer Paris, Apr 23 2022
Good cleaner

Bought to remove oil stains from my blue suede shoes. I followed the operating instructions in the box, the stains disappeared. I recommend the product.

Mathias B. Verified buyer VILLERS LE LAC, Oct 18 2021
A cleaner that cleans

Satisfied with this suede shoe cleaner. I just wish I found this product in a larger bottle so it would last me longer.

Jean-André S. Verified buyer Vescovato, Sep 24 2021
Excellent product

Cleans my suede shoes perfectly, I highly recommend.

JJB P. Verified buyer COGNAC, May 04 2021
fabulous for my nubuck boots

Fabulous, nothing to say except that I don't use the brush, but 1 microfiber towel to apply the product to my boots. Magnifik rendered and which holds.

Dear customer, we thank you for your comment which seems rather positive. Why not give 5 stars?

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Carole L. Verified buyer Bohars, Feb 10 2021
An effective and economical product

very easy to use, this product was very effective in removing and cleaning my pair of suede ankle boots that I was unable to clean with traditional products. Follow the instructions carefully. I recommend this product.

Valerie M. Verified buyer Paris, Feb 08 2021
suede cleaner

Very effective ! Much better than expected. The suede shoes are pink, like high top sneakers, which I wear a lot, the pink is really revived and detached.

Benedicte B. Verified buyer St roch, Jan 18 2021

E-cigarette liquid stain removed from a suede jacket. Impeccable result. Jacket saved even though it is ultra greasy. Do not hesitate to wet well to rinse

Annegaëlle P. Verified buyer Tracy le Val, Oct 23 2020
Spectacular !

I used this shampoo to renovate Kickers bought second-hand and with very faded colors and many stains... Just amazing: no more stains and they have returned to the original color (identical to that which was on the inner tab). Very simple product to use. I highly recommend.

Brahim EL G. Verified buyer FACHES THUMESNIL, Jan 30 2020
Very average product for my taste

Product less efficient than its direct competitor omnidaim from Saphir. Vel vel is difficult to apply to the shoe and even by adding a few drops of water it does not foam at all. You must use a large volume of liquid to moisten the shoe and then brush vigorously with the brush provided in order to remove the stains. Overall this one cleans but less effectively than the sapphire shampoo. Conclusion: cleans moderately, requires a large volume of liquid (thus runs out quickly) and application is more difficult than sapphire shampoo. Its only interest remains its price.

Dear customer, we are taking this opinion into account and will try to study this with the Famaco teams. If you want a product that is easy to use, you can also choose a cleaning spray.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Alexandre D. Verified buyer RENNES, Jun 10 2019
Tremendous !

Very good product.

Thérèse L. Verified buyer BLANCS COTEAUX , Apr 14 2019
Excellent profit

Essential for cleaning nubuck leathers!

Séverine D. Verified buyer PARIS, Jan 26 2019
Finally an effective suede cleaner

As soon as received, immediately tried. My beige suede boots that are three years old and had become disgusting are like new! Easy to use.

Marvin D. Verified buyer La Courneuve, Jan 05 2019
Review Marvin Deval

Very good product which made the marks on my suede shoes disappear, I am delighted to have received the brush that goes with it.

Martin L. Verified buyer Paris, Sep 10 2018

Just perfect

Isabelle E. Verified buyer Cernay, Jun 15 2018

Very good result. My nubuck handbag needed a good cleaning and is now like new.

Thomas L. Verified buyer PARIS, Jun 13 2018
Effective product for restoring "fake" suede - espadrille

Immediate effect. Ideal product for maintaining suede.

Philippe P. Verified buyer SIGNY LE PETIT, Jan 31 2018
suede cleaner

great good product

Sylvie B. Verified buyer CAMBES EN PLAINE, Jan 25 2018
Removing grease stains from beige nubuck ankle boots

Good product which finally removes the grease stains on my beige nubuck shoes; Beforehand, I sprinkled some bedrock soil which I left for 5 days to absorb the bulk.

Aurélie P. Verified buyer Gif Sur Yvette, Apr 30 2017

The product cleaned my suede shoe well! Despite the small size of the bottle I had enough product for several cleanings.

Catherine PEJOUT T. Verified buyer MONTLUEL, Apr 04 2017

Delighted, my bag has regained its original color.

Pierre V. Verified buyer Strasbourg, Mar 14 2017
Good value for money

Effective cleaner

Miguël D. Verified buyer Grune, Jan 04 2017

Monsieur Chaussure suede cleaner is an effective product against all stains on suede and nubuck. Easy to use.

Michaël L. Verified buyer Paris, Dec 27 2016
Monsieur Chaussure suede cleaner


Tiggy B. Verified buyer London, Nov 16 2016


Nicolas L. Verified buyer Moulineaux, Apr 12 2015

received with a brush and not a sponge, only a small container remains to apply before brushing

Nicolas L. Verified buyer Moulineaux, Apr 12 2015

received with a brush and not a sponge, only a small container remains to apply before brushing

Jean A. Verified buyer May 23 2014
Very effective

Product cheaper than the sapphire equivalent and just as effective. Brass brush, crepe brush and this stain remover, everything I need for my suede shoes.

Ba K. Verified buyer Courcouronnes , Mar 22 2014

Very easy to use

Christelle H. Verified buyer Ris-Orangis, Mar 03 2014
good product

I had an old stained pair, I applied it and my shoes are like new. Small downside, the application on the sponge is not practical, putting a tip can be a dropper system; The product is very liquid and flows quickly.

Renard C. Verified buyer Tours, Feb 02 2014
not satisfied

The cleaner works quite well but the sponge sold with it tore from its support on the first use.

Eric R. Verified buyer VILLY BOCAGE, Feb 02 2014

Forget the brush included with the product, which crumbled after the first use. On the other hand, the product used on a two-tone suede + crust pair is effective. Foam on application, easy rinsing, stains disappear when drying. A stroke of brass brush and like new.

Albert L. Verified buyer Aug 22 2013
Suede cleaner

Another alternative to Saphir and its omni suede from Monsieur Chaussure which is also just as effective. Good product, good site!

Benoit L. Verified buyer Jun 12 2013
very effective

I had white water stains on my suede shoes and this product made them disappear. Very happy with this site which offers effective products!


Find all the details for the product:

Famaco Suede Cleaner.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : Suede & Nubuck
  • Type : Shampoo
  • Volume : 100 ml
  • Use : Cleaner
  • Weight : 0,160 g
  • Length : 5 cm
  • Width : 7,5 cm
  • Height : 11,1 cm

Famaco Vel Vel Suede Cleaner for Shoes

The Famaco suede cleaner cleans and removes stains from suede without damaging it.

The Famaco suede cleaner is specially formulated to deeply clean and revive the colour of suede and nubuck. This water-based suede shampoo removes grease stains from your suede shoes without damaging them. The Famaco “Vel Vel” cleaner is useful for stains that persist on suede or nubuck surfaces after an overall leather care treatment. The suede cleaner comes with an applicator sponge for easy use.

Use the Famaco suede cleaner occasionally for getting rid of stubborn stains on your suede shoes and boots or a suede jacket. Use a shoe cleaning brush to remove the dust from the suede and apply the Vel Vel cleaner with the applicator sponge provided. Gently rub the entire surface of the shoe, then rinse the applicator sponge with warm and rub the suede again, paying particular attention to the stained area. Wipe the shoe with a clean cloth and allow it to dry. Always complete your shoe care with a suede renovator to protect and nourish it. When done, brush the suede with a brass brush to fluff up its nap and restore its original beauty.

Store your Famaco suede cleaner in a cool place, away from light.
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