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Menthol Shoe Deodoriser by Saphir - 200ml

Deodorant with a menthol scent to sanitise all types of shoes, including sports trainers, between wearings and to avoid the feeling of humidity after a long day. Details

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Suitable for frequent use and all materials.

Monsieur Chaussure advises to use it after wearing your shoes for long hours.

Remove your shoes and place the deodorant at the entrance of the shoe, leaving a space between the product and the heel. Apply gentle pressure for a few seconds to diffuse the product into the front of the shoe to remove the day's odours. Turn the bottle and repeat the action to deodorise the back of the shoe. After spreading a sufficient amount, we advise you to wait a few minutes and place shoe trees to keep the shape of your shoes longer.

Store the deodorant in a dark room, preferably next to your cleaning products.


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Menthol Shoe Deodoriser by Saphir - 200ml.

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  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Materials
  • Type : Spray
  • Volume : 200 ml
  • Use : Deodorizer
  • Weight : 0,160 g
  • Length : 5,1 cm
  • Width : 5,1 cm
  • Height : 18,5 cm

Saphir Menthol Shoe Deodoriser - 200ml

The menthol shoe deodoriser by Saphir is highly effective in refreshing leather shoes.

The menthol shoe deodoriser by Saphir treats and sanitises your shoes. When used regularly, its invigorating mint extracts refresh the interior of any shoe and eliminates unpleasant odours. You can apply this shoe deodoriser to any shoes, whether they are made of smooth leather or synthetic materials, to extend their useful life and give the inner soles a pleasing fragrance.

Apply this shoe deodoriser as soon as you take off your shoes and before putting them away, so as to allow it enough time to take full effect. Press the nozzle for just a few seconds to effectively treat the entire interior of your shoe in one quick action. Repeat the treatment as often as needed to preserve the freshness of your shoes.

Store your Saphir shoe deodoriser in a cool place away from direct light.
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