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Saphir Reptan Cream and Polishing Cloth

Product in the form of a cream to maintain the reptile skins of your city shoes. Tested and approved in our Monsieur Chaussure workshops. Details

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How to use this product.

Complete care that cleans, nourishes and shines your reptile leather shoes.

On a leather previously dusted with a black scraper to avoid scratching it, you can apply the Reptan cream. Take a small amount of the product directly from the jar with the chamois provided in the kit. Apply the cream by massaging the leather gently for a few seconds. Then continue on the whole shoe. As soon as your shoe is covered with the product, wait 5 minutes so that the scales of the leather absorb the product. Finally, you can polish with a soft cloth.

Keep the jar closed and in a room protected from heat and humidity.


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Saphir Reptan Cream and Polishing Cloth.

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  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : Reptile Leather
  • Type : Jar
  • Weight : 50
  • Use : Hydrating & Recoloring
  • Quick Access : Bestsellers

Saphir Reptan Cream for Reptile Leather Care

The Reptan cream by Saphir is perfect for the complete care of reptile leather.

The Reptan cream made by Saphir is an all-in-one care product for cleaning, shining and protecting exotic leather. It is specifically formulated for the special needs of snake skin or fish leather and cleans the scales while lightly nourishing the leather. Shark skin or reptile leather such as crocodile leather are covered in scales that are very difficult to nourish. However the Reptan cream will effectively restore their shine and protect their finish. It also prevents stains on the reptile leather and waterproofs the surface to preserve its original appearance. The cream’s neutral colour and fluid texture make it suitable for cleaning any dust encrusted between the scales of the reptile leather and can be applied on any colour of leather. It works beautifully on a python clutch bag for example. You can use the cream on any pair of snake skin leather shoes or boots as well as on belts, wallets, bags and jacket made of reptile leather. A 100% cotton polishing cloth is included in the kit for easier application.

Use the Reptan cream on leather that you have already dusted. Apply the product using the polishing cloth provided and always test the product beforehand on a hidden area of the reptile or fish leather to ensure that it does not discolour this rare and unpredictable material. Gently massage the cream into the leather and wait for 5 minutes to allow it enough time to work its way between the scales. When done, brush the leather with a soft cloth.

Store your Saphir Reptan cream in a cool, dry place.
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