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Dry Stain Remover
  • Dry Stain Remover
  • Terre de Sommières

Dry Stain Remover

Dry stain remover to remove grease stains from your leather or suede shoes without leaving any discolouration around the stain. Non-toxic product. Details

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Non-flammable and non-toxic product.

The quantity of 250 grams allows you to clean several large stains on your leather or deer. For maximum efficiency, the bedding clay should be applied as soon as you notice the stain appearing.

As soon as you notice a grease stain on your shoes, absorb the excess with a cloth or tissue. Once you have removed the excess, sprinkle the stain generously with bedrock. It should be completely covered and the surrounding area should be covered as well. You can lightly tap the area where the stain is located to help the product penetrate. Allow the product to dry for several hours or even overnight before proceeding with the next steps. The next day, rub the stain with a clean piece of cloth and then vacuum up the remaining excess with a hoover. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can repeat the operation a second time.

Store the product away from heat and moisture.


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Dry Stain Remover.

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  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : All Materials
  • Weight : 250ml
  • Use : Stain Removal
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice

Dry Stain Remover for Eliminating Grease Stains

The dry stain remover by Avel removes grease stains on suede, smooth leather and textiles.

The dry stain remover by Avel Hussard is a highly effective in eliminating grease stains from leather, suede, textiles and even your flooring or furniture. This non-toxic, non-flammable and economical product can be applied to any porous material susceptible to grease stains. Apply this product to your article immediately after it gets stained in order to get it out as soon as possible, whether it be oil, make-up, or more stubborn stains such as diesel oil or other vehicle oils. The dry stain remover, also known as a “stone stain remover” does its job without leaving a discoloured ring behind and can even neutralise unpleasant odours such as urine or wine.

Use your stain remover preferably immediately after the stain appears. Start by using a cleaning tissue to absorb as much of the stain as possible, then sprinkle the dry stain remover generously on the stain. Do not hesitate to tap the area with your finger as this helps the powder penetrate the material. Allow to product to work for a few hours, or overnight. Rub the stained area with a cloth and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any residual powder. If you are not satisfied with the results, repeat the process.

Store your Avel dry stain remover in a cool, dry place.
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