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Famaco Stain Remover
  • Famaco Stain Remover
  • Famaco Stain Remover
  • Famaco Stain Remover

Famaco Stain Remover

Stain remover designed for smooth, non-delicate leather to remove stubborn stains. The capacity allows for multiple cleaning of specific areas when caring for your shoes. Details
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To be applied as part of a complete maintenance of your leather shoes following the recommendations of Monsieur Chaussure.
To be used after having completely dusted your shoes with a Monsieur Chaussure scraper and cleaned them with a carnauba wax cleansing milk, you can apply the product with a chamois. Spread the product in circular motions to a specific area of your shoes. Once the stain remover has been absorbed, you can continue with the shoe polishing cream and paste step. These steps are essential to nourish the leather of your shoes and to make them shine like the first day.
If you wear your shoes very regularly, you can use the product on the whole shoe once every six months to clean the leather pores more intensively.
Store the bottle in a cool, dry place for better storage.

20 reviews  /  4.5 stars

The rating for this product is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

We collected nearly 20 reviews from verified buyers.

Aroun D. Verified buyer Cambes, Nov 20 2022
Remove without damaging

Product does not damage the leather, but I criticize it for not properly cleaning bare leather that has become greasy.

Régis D. Verified buyer FERQUES, Jan 10 2022

Effective on light tasks

Louis-Alexandre D. Verified buyer BOVELLES, May 02 2021
Suitable cleaner

Not too aggressive but enough to remove black marks on the leather. Perfect.

Flore C. Verified buyer Toulouse , Jan 22 2020
Good product

Quite spectacular result on my poorly maintained and threadbare leather ankle boots. Just the cleaning phase with this leather stain remover gave them a new look.

CHRISTINE G. Verified buyer MEYLAN, May 30 2019
Very satisfied

Effective and respectful of leather

Martine H. Verified buyer velleron, Oct 05 2018
misleading name

This product is sold under the name "leather stain remover", and that's why I bought it! but it doesn't detach anything!!!

Dear customer, we use this product regularly in our workshops to remove shoes and we regularly obtain good results. Could you contact our after-sales service to understand why you were unable to obtain the desired result?

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Rémi D. Verified buyer Bayeux, Oct 02 2018
Stain remover

Does not work miracles, not powerful enough to strip well, does not revive the colors.

Dear customer, this product is a stain remover. It is therefore formulated to remove stains without stripping the leather. Its power is moderate so as not to damage the leather. To strip the leather you can use a leather stripper.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Thomas B. Verified buyer URRUGNE, Jun 08 2018
Excellent for deep cleaning

Easy to use and super effective in removing marks from my beige shoes. Remember to open the window or work on your terrace, the smell is really strong.

Jérôme C. Verified buyer Plan d'Orgon, Aug 14 2017

The description on the site is highly misleading "to intensely clean and REMOVE all your shoes". However, the product label is “cleansing milk”. There we see a difference in the effectiveness of the product, and it actually cleans, nothing more and very far from removing the slightest stain.

Dear customer, we are indeed renaming certain products because they are all tested in our workshops. Today this stain remover is much stronger than a cleaning milk of the same brand. This product is also used in our workshops to remove certain stains. If your stains do not disappear with this product you will have to use a remover and the procedure is a little more risky.

Answer Monsieur Chaussure

Olivier G. Verified buyer Port Grimaud, Nov 04 2016
stain remover

used to clean motorcycle leather. Effective

Jean L. Verified buyer LE PERCHAY, Mar 30 2016

Allows you to clean traces of soles

Henry A. Verified buyer Lyon, Nov 07 2015
Monsieur Chaussure leather stain remover

This stain remover is remarkable, provided you scrupulously follow the instructions for use and show patience. In particular, let it dry for a long time before polishing carefully and carrying out standard maintenance (cream, etc.).

Laurence S. Verified buyer saint christol les ales, Feb 26 2014
Monsieur Chaussure leather stain remover

Super effective product. It makes stubborn stains (sludge, resin) disappear. It gives a second youth to our shoes....

Anne L. Verified buyer Ste Luce sur Loire, Nov 27 2013
Persistent tasks

I bought some shoes recently. A few days later I noticed that they had stains, I cooked with them, was it sauce that fell on them or something else, a mystery. The stains are stubborn and unfortunately the product did not take effect.

CATHERINE D. Verified buyer DIGNE LES BAINS, Oct 16 2013
Super effective

I did a test on a pair of shoes that I thought I would throw away because they were too stained and in the end I kept them because the stains are gone. To recommend.

Guillaume L. Verified buyer Aug 29 2013
Leather revival

Product that I use once in a while to remove successive layers of shoe polish.

Albert L. Verified buyer Aug 22 2013
Leather revival

Excellent alternative to Saphir's matte reno! for a few euros less, you have a similar product that is just as effective. I therefore highly recommend!

Etienne G. Verified buyer Aug 08 2013
Powerful stain remover

Product to be used sparingly because it is very powerful. We see the color of the shoe lighten with use. Very good product if you know how to use it!

Florent P. Verified buyer Jul 24 2013

Product to be used from time to time and not regularly because it strips very lightly.

Sylvie M. Verified buyer Jun 13 2013
Good product

Effective product more powerful than the cleansing milk of the same brand. Allows you to remove stains and all shoe polish covering the shoe. Product and site to recommend.


Find all the details for the product:

Famaco Stain Remover.

For more information on the use of this product you can consult the associated tutorials

  • Colour range : All Colours
  • Category : Care Products
  • Materials : Smooth Leather
  • Type : Liquid
  • Volume : 100 ml
  • Use : Stain Removal
  • Quick Access : The Workers' Choice
  • Weight : 0,123 g
  • Length : 5 cm
  • Width : 5 cm
  • Height : 11,3 cm

Famaco Stain Remover for Leather Shoes

The Famaco stain remover gets rid of all stains on smooth leather.

The Famaco Raviv’Cuir stain remover has a highly concentrated formula with a fluid texture to effectively remove stains from non-delicate smooth leather. This product is intended for use only when stains still persist after the normal leather care process, and is particularly suitable for treating stains caused by grease, moisture or old shoe polish. Apply this stain remover only to very precise stained areas of any smooth leather item, including jackets and armchairs.

Use the Raviv’Cuir stain remover occasionally during your general leather care treatment. After removing the dust from the leather, apply your Raviv’Cuir to the stained area with a polishing cloth using small circular strokes to allow the product to penetrate the leather. Then, complete the process by applying a shoe cream to nourish the leather and a shoe polish to give it a shine. You can also apply the Raviv’Cuir stain remover to the entire surface of your dress shoes every six months if they requires deep cleaning, but remember to always apply a shoe cream afterwards to nourish and protect the leather. Always test the Famaco stain remover on a hidden area of the leather and wait for it to dry completely for true results. This product should always be used in a well-ventilated room.

Store your bottle of Raviv’Cuir in a dry place away from light.
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