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WOLY Dark Grey Liquid Renovator Spray (Suede and Nubuck)


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The dark grey liquid renovator suede spray by Woly nourishes, recolours and waterproofs suede.

The dark grey liquid renovator suede spray by Woly is a must-have care product for nourishing, protecting and recolouring suede. Use this renovator liquid on your suede shoes to keep them in good condition. The Suede Velours Liquid by Woly extends the useful life of your suede shoes by hydrating them to prevent dry patches and creases caused by wear and tear. It also creates a protective layer over the suede that revives its colour and waterproofs the suede. With this suede renovator, you can intensify the colour of any dark grey suede item and even cover faded out areas. Your shoes will be protected with a waterproof layer that guards against grease stains and dust. The renovator spray comes in a liquid formula that concentrates the product on a precise area, while the built-in applicator sponge makes it easy to use.

Never apply the renovator spray directly to your suede item without cleaning it beforehand. Use the product in a well-ventilated area and be sure to cover any objects of value to protect them. Spray the product at a 30cm distance from the suede surface, making sure to cover it evenly. Allow to dry for 15 minutes, then brush the suede with a crepe brush to fluff up the nap and restore its typical look. For rainy weather, complete your suede care with a waterproofing product in addition to the Woly Suede Velours Liquid.

Store your Woly suede renovator in a cool place, away from light to increase its shelf life.

Colour: Dark grey

Size : 75ml


Packaging material : metal

Shelf life :

Country of origin: Germany

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