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Your shoes are too big: what are the solutions?

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All our advice and solutions for shoes that are too big.
Discover our solutions for wearing your shoes that are too big without any pain or discomfort.
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What to do about oversized shoes?

Searching for the perfect pair of shoes can sometimes be a real obstacle course, so much so that the temptation to choose a larger size seems to be the most obvious solution. This is often the case during promotional periods or when limited-edition designer models are released. However, once you've got the wrong pair of shoes on your feet, the reality can quickly become uncomfortable.
Find out in this guide what you need to know about wearing oversized shoes and the possible health implications. You'll also find practical solutions to this common problem without compromising style. From now on, finding the right shoe size will no longer be a source of stress, but a pleasant experience.

sole for shoes too big

How can you tell if a shoe is the right size?

It's not difficult to tell when a pair of shoes is too big. Feet float inside them and they are easy to remove without the need to unlace them or take them off at the heels.
The first thing you notice about the right size shoe is the gap between the toes. The space between the tip of the toes and the tip of the shoe should be half an inch, or 1 to 1.5 cm. The shoe should be neither too tight nor too wide at the widest part of the foot. Similarly, the sides should comfortably surround the foot without excessive pressure. A shoe is the right size if the wearer can flex naturally at the ball of the foot and the heel fits snugly without slipping.
It is always advisable to try on shoes at the end of the day, when the feet swell slightly during the day. It is then easier to know how they will fit when the feet are bigger.

sole for shoes too big

Wearing shoes that are too big: what are the drawbacks?

Wearing shoes that are too big can have consequences both for your health and for the comfort of your feet. The main source of the problem is the lack of adequate support, which exposes the feet to excessive movement inside the shoe.
This leads to rubbing, blisters and even back pain. The toes, in particular, are subjected to unnecessary stress, leading to long-term pain and deformity. We shouldn't forget either that ill-fitting footwear alters posture and natural walking patterns.
The risk of slipping and tripping should not be underestimated. These accidents are caused by feet that are not properly anchored in shoes.
Wearing the wrong size of shoe not only compromises the well-being of your feet and your ability to enjoy optimal locomotion, but also puts you at risk of more or less serious health problems.

sole for shoes too big

Tips for wearing oversized shoes without problems

Fortunately, it is possible to wear shoes that are too big without encountering major problems. Here are a few tips to improve comfort with a good fit:
1. A slide
All shoes have a heel slide in the lining. This part is made of leather on the skin side for better grip.
An additional slide can be added at the shoemaker's to add volume to the heel and prevent it from slipping.

2. A tongue pad
This is the most suitable solution if there is a large gap between the instep and the last used to make the shoe, in this case a moccasin. This piece is glued under the tongue.
It reduces the volume of the shoe at the instep. In other words, the tongue pad fills the void and ensures that the moccasin fits snugly around the instep.

3.Insoles and half-insoles
This is undoubtedly the simplest solution to the discomfort caused by oversized shoes. However, it can be uncomfortable because the foot will be raised inside the shoe, affecting the way the heel fits into the counter. As a result, there is a high risk of the heel slipping off when walking.

To avoid this problem, it is advisable to take the shoes and insoles to the shoemaker, who will fit them and carry out a trial on site. This professional can adjust a shoe sole that is too large. If the shoes are still loosening, you should opt for made-to-measure half insoles. These will optimally fill the instep.

sole for shoes too big

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