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Cleaning and protecting your UGGs

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Do you want to keep your UGGs as long as possible?
Discover our maintenance guide to clean and protect your UGGs all year round. Your UGGs will always look their best!
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Clean your UGGs to keep them long-lasting

True allies against the cold. UGGs can be found in many wardrobes. Often made from sheepskin or suede, they are sensitive to water, snow and stains.

Taking care of your UGGs involves following a few quick steps. We recommend cleaning them once a month to prevent stains from becoming permanent.

In this article you'll find the steps you need to take to keep your UGG boots looking their best.
All the products mentioned in the article are available in a suede and nubuck cleaning kit.

Cleanning kit for UGG

Step 1: Dust off your UGGs

The first step is to put shoe trees in your UUGs. Shoe trees help to absorb moisture and unpleasant odours. They also stretch the shoes to make it easier to apply cleaning and renovation products. Shoe trees replace newspaper, which is often recommended or not recommended by professionals.

Before applying the cleaner, remove the dust from the shoes with a scraper. This will remove as much as possible of the residue that could stick to the suede during the next steps.

Cleanning kit for UGG

Step 2: Clean your UGGs with the spray cleaner

To clean your UGGs, we recommend using a cleaning product suitable for sheepskin or suede. Monsieur Chaussure's cleaning spray is perfect for this type of shoe.

Spray the product generously all over your UGGs. Using a scraper, brush your boots vigorously to shampoo them. Shampooing removes all dirt and stains. The Mister Shoe scraper is a suede brush. It is made from pig bristle to avoid scratching the sheepskin or suede.

We do not recommend using a crepe brush, as it can damage the sheepskin and bleach it.

Cleanning kit for UGG

Step 3: Renovate your Uggs

To renovate the colour of your Uggs, use Mr Shoe colour renovators. Highly pigmented, they restore the pigments and even out the colour of your shoes.

Apply the product 30 cm from the shoe. We recommend protecting the sole and work surface to avoid staining these areas. Then brush with a brass brush to restore the peach-skin appearance of the first few days. Brush in both directions.

There's no need to leave to dry before moving on to the next step.

Cleanning kit for UGG

Step 4: Waterproof your UGGs

This step is crucial to prevent your shoes from getting waterlogged. Don't skip it, as it will ensure that your UGGs are impeccable.

Spray Monsieur Chaussure waterproofing spray 30 cm from the shoe until it covers the entire upper. We recommend drying for a few minutes to 24 hours before wearing.

This waterproofing is colourless, so it will match all the colours of your UGGs. Made from natural resin, its waterproofing effect fades over time without altering the suede of your UGGs.

If the weather is very rainy or snowy, you can reapply the waterproofing to keep your feet dry between maintenance sessions.

Cleanning kit for UGG

Taking cleaning a step further

To complete the cleaning of your UGG, we recommend applying a deodoriser. Applying deodoriser keeps your slippers odour-free and prevents the growth of bacteria.

We also recommend it to keep your feet dry all day long.

We also recommend using red cedar shoe trees. They absorb moisture and slow down the appearance of wear creases.

Shoes deodorizers

Things to avoid when cleaning UGGs

It is often said that you should machine wash your UGGs or take them to a dry cleaner for a dry wash. These washing methods are not recommended! They can irreversibly damage the quality of your UGGs.

Cleanning kit for UGG

Afraid to take the plunge? Entrust us with your UGGs!

Our boutique team will take care of your UGGs in our workshop. We offer a special cleaning service for sheepskin and suede.

Suede shoes care

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