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Cleaning and protecting your leather armchair

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Leather armchairs are elegant and timeless. To preserve its beauty, discover our 3 key steps.
3 steps to clean your leather armchair like a professional and give it the care it deserves. By using the right products, you can preserve the beauty of the leather for as long as possible.
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Cleaning a leather armchair

Clean your leather armchair with solvent-free products specially designed for leather. Don't be fooled by the many articles about granny tips. You can often read about cleaning leather with cleansing milk or white vinegar combined with bicarbonate of soda or Marseille soap with a damp cloth to clean a leather armchair.

These are the things to avoid in your cleaning routine! Even adding a few drops of vinegar to specialised products will not improve the cleaning of your armchair.

These products will irreversibly damage the leather. The leather will dry out and lose its original colour.

In this article, you'll find out how to clean your leather armchair properly. The advice given applies to all types of leather. We always advise you to carry out a test on an inconspicuous part of your leather sofa before starting.

Clean your leather sofa

Step 1: Remove the dust from your chair

Before you start cleaning your leather armchair, you need to remove the dust. Removing the dust prepares the leather to receive the cleaning products.

To do this, scrub gently with the Bōme sofa cleaning brush. The boar bristles slip between all the seams and remove surface dirt in one pass.
Run the cleaning brush over the entire surface of the armchair and cushions.

Clean your leather sofa

Step 2: Cleaning your leather armchair

Clean your very dirty leather armchair with the cleaning foam and the cleaning brush. The cleaning foam will loosen the dirt and mix with it. As it dissolves the dirt, the foam will turn grey.

The cleaning foam is not rinsed off, but wiped off with a microfibre towel. After using the foam, your chair is clean. Your leather will look and feel as good as new.

Get rid of the dirt and the leather will also regain its original colour. We advise against applying soap to the leather, as this may remove the patina from your chair.

For more frequent cleaning, you can also clean your leather armchair with cleaning gel on a soft cloth, called a chamois cloth. Gently rub your leather armchair to remove any accumulated dirt. The cleaning gel can also be applied to the cushions, footrests and other chair accessories, etc.

The armchair cleaning tips given in our article also apply to cleaning white leather armchairs.

Clean your leather sofa

Step 3: Protecting your leather chair

To finish cleaning your leather armchair, protect it. This step will bring your leather chair back to life.

Apply protective gel all over your leather armchair. This protective gel nourishes the leather and protects it from future stains. It leaves a protective film to prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the furrows and grooves.

Bōme protective gel for armchairs and sofas is colourless. It can therefore be applied to all colours of armchair.

It prevents drying out and preserves leather armchairs for as long as possible.

Clean your leather sofa

Caring for and preserving your leather armchair: the rules to follow

Unkempt leather accumulates dirt and clogs pores, which can lead to cracking. So it's important to clean your leather armchair regularly.

We recommend that you clean your leather at least once a month. For regular maintenance, use a cleaning gel and chamois cloth to remove all traces.

We recommend that you refer to the "Cleaning and protecting your leather sofa" tutorial for more information on the subject.

Clean your leather sofa

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