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Complete guide to anti-slip soles

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Do your shoes slip? Do the soles wear out quickly?
In this article, you'll find all our advice on why and how to choose anti-slip and anti-ice soles.
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Safety underfoot: anti-slip insoles

Non-slip insoles, often overlooked but crucial for safety and well-being, play an essential role in stability when walking. They are essential for good stability when walking. They absorb shocks and grip the ground better. Non-slip soles are a key element in preventing falls.

At Monsieur Chaussure, we recommend that you fit anti-slip insoles, also known as glides, as soon as you buy your shoes.

In this article, we'll explore in detail the importance of these insoles in ensuring a safe and comfortable gait. By highlighting the risks associated with the absence of anti-slip insoles, we will demonstrate their crucial preventive role.

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Non-slip soles or pads: the benefits

Non-slip soles, commonly known as crepe pads, are the ideal solution for ensuring your safety and comfort when out and about. They are particularly effective on slippery surfaces.

Their main feature is their grip, which ensures that you remain firmly anchored to the ground, even in wet or slippery conditions. Thanks to this unrivalled grip, you'll avoid the inconvenience of slips and falls. They'll keep you safe with every step you take.

The crepe glides offered in our workshop can be fitted to all leather soles. They are therefore suitable for all your dress and evening shoes.
They are integrated into the sole so as not to create any extra material. Because they're integrated into the sole, they blend in with it and don't change the way you walk. What's more, they're not noticeable to the eye when you're walking.

As well as protecting you, the runners protect the leather sole from moisture. This protection slows down wear on the sole and the stitching. By slowing down wear and tear, you put off having to resole your shoes.

So you can keep your favourite shoes twice as long!

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Why shouldn't I use self-adhesive pads?

We don't recommend self-adhesive anti-slip pads. They may seem like a quick solution for protecting your shoes, but they are not effective.
Self-adhesive pads do not cover the entire sole. Often too thin, they only protect the centre of the sole. They leave the boys unprotected against moisture and impact. The edges wear out more quickly, so you need to resole your shoes sooner.

They do not fully protect the sole and wear out quickly. The self-adhesive edges can be detached and removed easily.

What's more, these self-adhesive pads are on the sole and not embedded, which can cause discomfort when walking. The few millimetres added above the sole. These few centimetres create discomfort when you walk and, as a result, can deform your gait.

By distorting your gait, you may experience back pain, for example.

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To combat extreme cold and icy conditions: anti-ice insoles

When it's really cold, we recommend that you add external anti-slip insoles. These insoles are often called "anti-icing insoles".

They are made up of studs to grip the frozen or snow-covered ground. The anti-slip studs on these insoles help prevent falls. They provide extra protection for you and your shoes.

Anti-ice soles fit all your shoes, and all models. So your shoes are equipped with anti-slip soles for winter.

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Go for non-slip soles!

Non-slip crepe insoles are not just a simple accessory. Rather, they are an essential asset for ensuring your safety and comfort on a daily basis.

Anti-ice soles are your ally on cold winter days. Whatever mood you choose, we urge you to opt for non-slip soles.
Not only is it a wise choice, it's also one that will give you invaluable peace of mind in your day-to-day life.

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