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Cleaning and removing pen stains from leather

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Clean a biro in a few key steps.
Discover all the tips and products for quickly removing a style stain from leather.
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Our solution: Avel biros stain remover

Leather needs to be cared for to maintain its beauty. Standard stains can be removed simply by cleaning. However, some stains, such as BIC pen marks, are harder to remove because they are so visible.

Here's the solution: Hussard Avel liquid ballpoint stain remover. This product is renowned for its power on stubborn stains, and has been specially designed for both old and new BIC marks.

In this article, we explain how to clean and protect leather, focusing on removing BIC pen stains. No need to strip leather to remove a biro stain on leather.

Remove ink stain

Cleaning ballpoint pens on leather: the steps

To clean ballpoint pens from leather, simply apply Hussard Avel Liquid Ballpoint Pen Stain Remover. This product, specially designed for this type of stain, removes the mark without damaging the leather.

This leather cleaning product should only be used as part of a complete maintenance programme for your leather. Apply a dab of Hussard Avel Ballpoint Liquid Stain Remover to a clean chamois leather. You can apply the product to leather that has been dusted and stripped bare with a cleansing milk, using the chamois. Work the stain remover into the leather using circular movements to avoid spreading the stain. You can repeat the operation several times until the stain has disappeared.

Once the stain has disappeared, leave the leather to dry for 15 minutes. After this time, you can continue with your cleaning routine. Remember to protect your leather at the end of the treatment to preserve its beauty.

Precautions for use: test the product using a cotton bud on a hidden corner to see how your leather reacts.

Remove ink stain

What not to do when cleaning a ink stain

Generally speaking, it may be tempting to use a cloth or other stain-removing agent to remove or at least reduce stains. Dabbing the stain with 70% alcohol, white vinegar or white spirit is one of many people's first reflexes. Using cotton wool soaked in cleansing milk is not recommended for removing ballpoint pens. This approach, often found in grandmotherly advice articles, is highly inadvisable for removing pen stains from leather.

These mixtures will not remove any biros marks from your leather. It risks spreading the pen ink and making the situation worse.

What's more, the main risk of using this type of mixture is irreversible damage to the leather. They will damage the colour and feel of your leather.

Remove ink stain

You now know all about how to remove a ink stain

All the tips in this article can be applied to removing pen stains from leather. You can apply our advice to a leather sofa or a leather bag.

Don't forget to finish off by caring for your leather after you've removed it.

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